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Keeping Yourself Healthy and Strong Over Spring Break

Keeping Yourself Healthy and Strong Over Spring Break

This is the second spring break season that most people will be spending at home (which is normal for many, regardless of the lockdown). And whether you’re taking a break from studies or work, you’re going to be spending it one of two ways: stuck at home because you want to take some time off for yourself or stuck at home because of the lockdown. Expect to be stuck at home in most cases.

This year’s spring break season is going to be a little different than anything we’ve had in years prior, even last year, when the lockdown first started for most of the world (read here). And while we also talked about keeping your body safe even during a pandemic, enough things have changed over this last year that going over some of the basic tips and advice again could really help out.

The Problems with Staying Inside for Too Long

If you live in an area of the country that’s under very strict lockdown regulations, then complying with the rules set by your local government would be a good place to start when looking after your health. Go outside to low-populated areas and just be more mindful of your hygiene and social distancing. It’s easy to lose control and not take the lockdown seriously after all these months of staying at home.

But you need to do your best and make it a personal responsibility for yourself to stay strong and bear with the rest of us for a little while longer.

Unfortunately, staying inside for long stretches of time can have many disadvantages. One of the biggest being the lack of vitamin D. Our main source of vitamin D is the sun. But since you’re staying at home most, if not the entirety of the day, you’ll have to find a way to supplement it, so as to not risk compromising your health.

Vitamin D is responsible for your body’s structural integrity. By getting enough vitamin D, your skin will age slower, will stay stronger, and the vitamin can even cure certain skin conditions. To get your vitamin D substitute, just buy some standard supplements, or eat food that rich with it. Fish, red meat, as well as milk and orange juice are some of the many vitamin D rich foods out there. For vegan options, mushrooms are also one of the best vitamin D foods. You can also try fortified almond milk and cereals.

A Much Needed Refresher

We already pointed this out in our spring skin care article featured on our blog last month. It just goes to show you how important cleansing is and how much we always remind our readers and patients to make it a monthly routine for themselves. But even when you’re stuck at home, the skin will need to be reinvigorated once again.

Try to make cleansing a routine. With the little break you have in your studies and work, it’s the perfect time for a much-needed refresher after a harsh, cold winter.

While our skin is very durable and strong, it does get weak after some time. Cold air is able to draw moisture out and away from the skin, causing it to dry up, crack, and in more severe cases even bleed. It’s even possible to develop skin conditions like eczema over the winter if you don’t take proper care of yourself.

A regular skin cleansing should help in keeping it fresh and strong allowing it to handle anything the outside world throws at it. Whether you’re spending this spring break alone at home or are taking a little trip by yourself or with a few companions, remember to get a nice cleansing while you still have time.

In Case You Go Out

In the case that you are going out for a little spring break trip, you’ll need to take care of a few things before you leave. Start by packing warm. This isn’t just your basic parental advice. Exposing skin may be fun and a relief after all the layers we put on in the winter. But there is a risk that comes with this. In the summer, the obvious risk is too much sun exposure.

But during the earlier days of spring, it’s easy to mistake the sunshine for warm weather, only to be disappointed when you find the outdoors to be absolutely freezing. Pack a few layers just in case, as you don’t want to expose your skin to the constant cold.

Also remember to cool off. If you’re living in a warmer part of the country where the weather is already getting hot, then you should do the opposite. Give your body time to cool off after spending a long time on the beach. If possible, avoid the beach until 5 pm, when the sun’s UV radiation is at a lower level. This will make sure your skin isn’t exposed to unnecessarily large amounts of sunlight, to the point where you risk damaging it.

Drink, but Drink Smart

No spring break is complete, not even one under lockdown, without a little alcohol. No one’s going to tell you to not drink alcohol. Just be smart about it.

Did you know that the byproducts left behind by alcohol can actually be harmful to your skin? Not dangerous in the same way that overdrinking can be dangerous to the rest of your body, but it can cause some amount of harm to your skin. When you drink alcohol, the pores on your skin get wider. This allows more gunk and dirt to get trapped in them, which leads to unhealthier skin.

A very easy way of solving this is by keeping yourself properly hydrated, both by drinking water and regularly washing your skin or moisturizing it with your special care products. It’s hard to imagine how a few drinks can make much of a difference in how healthy your skin is. But ignore your skin care routines and responsibilities long enough, and those cocktails will really start to add up.

Remember to Relax

The tips in this article weren’t written to make you paranoid about skin care during spring break, but rather wary of the little ways you can keep your body healthy and strong.

And there’s no better way to do this, than to relax and take things a little easy. After this last year, we all deserve it.

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