The Most Popular Lip Augmentation in New York

Nothing feels as good as having facial features that make you radiate confidence. Regardless of age, a lot of women want to have that full and sexy lip associated with femininity and youthfulness. Cosmetic products such as lip kits and lip liners help create that illusion for a day or two, however, most women want to have a perfect lip form and shape that lasts long-term. The Kardashians made fuller and plumper lips a major trend influencing millions of women. Thus, lip augmentation in New York City has been in high demand by women from different age groups who are ready to visit the nearest medical spa and try out different lip augmentation techniques to achieve their desired lip shape.

Russian Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure resulting in juicy, full and plump lips. Currently, the most common method for lip augmentation is dermal filler injections. Injectable dermal fillers used on the lips include labels such as Juvederm, Restylane, Teosyal and more, all of which can also be injected into various other treatment areas on the face and body. Most modern dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid gels, which can be found naturally in the human body. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that attracts water and expands in volume upon injection. The outcomes are voluminous, better defined and hydrated lips.

Before hyaluronic acids were used for injectable dermal fillers, people would get liquid silicone injections, which were then found to have several adverse side effects and in turn, were illegalized. Today they have been replaced with hyaluronic acid based fillers. These are the newer and safer option of dermal filler. In the case of hyaluronic acid fillers, the effects are more predictable and more natural. There are other lip plumping options available, such as fat injections and permanent implants, however, they are not widely used today, as the risk of side effects is greater than hyaluronic acid fillers, and the results are more unpredictable and difficult to reverse.

Russian Lips Before after

What are Russian Lips?

The effect of the Russian lip technique is extra volume in the lip body and a minimal chance of migration. It is mainly used to give the lips intentional plumpness or a natural fullness that you classically see on models and celebrities. With the Russian lip technique tiny droplets of filler are vertically injected into the lip, widening, lifting and opening the lip body. There is no compromise of projection in this lip augmentation technique, meaning that the “ducky” appearance will not be an issue.

This new trend resembles the lip shape of Russian women who naturally possess flatter and wider lips. Thus, it has brought forth a new trend in lip augmentations. Women that go for lip enhancements mainly want to achieve a larger and plumper shape of lips without having to worry about filler migration, resulting in ‘duck lips’ or ‘trout pout’. That’s how the Russian lip trend was introduced. Russian lips derive from the ‘Russian Doll’ with heart shaped, flatter and higher lip form.

Anyone who has ever had their lips augmented with dermal fillers will probably agree that the results made them feel more confident and that the procedure was worth it. However, the standard procedure has its limitations, which is where the Russian lip technique comes to play.

One or more dermal fillers, e.g. Restylane or Juvederm,  are used in the lip augmentation process to make the lips more voluminous and accentuated. The traditional lip augmentation is carried out mainly via horizontal rather than vertical injections. Thus, it uniformly increases the overall size and prominence of the lips in the horizontal direction, resulting in the “sausage effect”, as some patients call it.

However, not everyone who has undergone regular lip augmentation ends up having the so-called sausage effect. We should not disregard the traditional augmentation as it can successfully be administered with amazing results.

The Russian lip filler technique is an ideal method to use on those who want not only horizontal but also vertical projection and improvement in the shape of their lips. It aims at vertical enhancement of lip contour and accentuation of the cupid’s bow. The outcome of the procedure is doll-like lips with a natural looking and shapely pout. With this technique your lips can have the sought after magazine-like perfection while looking naturally plump.

Russian lips perfect example

What is the Russian Lip Injecting Technique

The Russian Lip technique is carried out differently than standard lip filling techniques. This needs to be noted when booking your appointment. The two main factors to contemplate are the price and the duration of the treatment.
With this technique tiny droplets of dermal filler are injected into the lip, mainly around the central part of it to create that heart-shaped look. The injections are done vertically into multiple injection points and drawn upward from the base of the lip to the top, rather than horizontally, as is the case with traditional lip augmentation. Russian lips are higher rather than wider and involve a different type of precision, which is why the Russian lip technique takes more time to achieve the desired look.

This is an advanced treatment and requires extra filler. However, for Russian Lips the extra filler is not needed to create excessive plumpness but to increase the height of the lips. That’s why this lip enhancement is considered to be a good option for those who are new to lip treatments, as it will result in a natural yet noticeable plump.

If required by the patient, extra volume can be added to the Russian lip technique as sessions are tailored to achieve the patients’ desired result. However, at Miracle Face, the best Russian Lip doctors always aim at 100% natural looking results and warn the clients about unnatural appearance if they ask for too much product.

Usually, a lip filler treatment takes from 15 to 30 minutes. However, if more filler is used it can take longer, increasing the treatment time up to 30-45 minutes.

There are a few more entry points with the Russian Lip augmentation technique. but the vast majority of them are through the vermillion border, so pain is really kept to a minimum.

One of the main differences between the Russian Lips and traditional lip injection is that with the Russian lip technique the filler is injected into the superficial subdermal plane. Here the filler acts as a strut to support the lip weight – this process is called tenting. You don’t have this with standard filler injection techniques. With the Russian lip technique there are a few more injection points on the outer border of either the top or bottom lip. Despite the fact that this procedure involves more injection points, the risk of bruising is a lot lower. This is due to the fact that the subdermal plane (the target of the Russian lip injections) is less vascular than the deeper layers of the lip. However, note that there will be more initial post-procedural swelling, as with most fillers, and because of having the filler placed more superficially. The needle used for Russian Lips is only 1-2 mm deep under the skin, where there are not as many nerve endings as in deeper layers, hence, there is less irritation and less discomfort than with a normal lip filler treatment.

The bruising can be reduced by avoiding excessive alcohol consumption the night before the procedure, taking arnica tablets one week prior and one week after the procedure, applying ice packs before and after the procedure and avoiding saunas, steam rooms and hot baths for approximately 48 hours after the procedure.

Give yourself up to one to two weeks for the swelling, tenderness and bruising to go away before you judge your results. It takes some time for the filler to settle and fully shine, especially if you are one to bruise.

Russian lip injection

What is the Russian Lip Tenting Technique?

Lip fillers can be administered with several different techniques. In the case of the Russian lip technique, the hyaluronic acid filler of choice is vertically injected into the lip base, placing it along the outer edge of the lip. This technique creates an upward turned shape with a lift or a flip of the lip. As a result, you will have a pouty lip rather than outward volume. This technique is also called lip tenting or the pillar technique, which is designed to improve the cupid’s bow without creating visible protrusion in the lips from a side profile. This is the favorite technique of many clients as it gives a very natural look.

What is the Process for the Russian Lip Injecting Technique?

The Russian Lip technique aims at creating extra volume in the lip avoiding outward protrusion or the effect of fake looking lips, especially from a side profile. With the Russian Lip technique tiny filler droplets are injected vertically, aligned with the vermillion border. As a part of the molding process, the lip is gently sculpted upward instead of outward which creates a nice and natural pout.

The Russian Lip Technique in Comparison to Different Lip Filler Injection Techniques

With more common lip augmentation techniques, dermal fillers are usually injected into the vermillion border and then potentially into the lip body with the help of a cannula or a needle. The needle works from the outside of the lips inwards, creating a more visible lip border, enhancing its shape and volume. As a result, the lip profile is extended and is easily visible from a side perspective.

As for the Russian lip technique, the filler is vertically injected into the base of the lip towards the outer edge, resulting in a lip lift or a lip flip instead of excessive volume. This technique is also known as lip tenting or the pillar technique. It also perfects the cupid’s bow without accentuating the side profile of the lips and without adding more volume into the lip border.

What is the Russian Lip Filler Technique?

The Russian Lip Technique can be carried out by several different types of fillers. However, Dr. Schwarzburg always recommends using a hyaluronic acid filler. Restylane Kysse is the one of the most commonly used fillers for the Russian lip technique, as it is gentle and light. Other hyaluronic acid fillers, like Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Volbella, Revanesse can also be used. Dr. Schwarzburg chooses the best fitting filler for every one of his patients based on their lip type.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers and the Russian Lip Technique

Hyaluronic acid fillers perfect the appearance of the lips giving them a certain shape, structure and volume. One can find a number of hyaluronic acid fillers on the market, for example Restylane, Restylane Silk, Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Juvederm Volbella, and Belotero. Hyaluronic acid is great at plumping lips, filling in the cracks on the lip surface and keeping the lip cells moisturized. However, do keep in mind that hyaluronic acid is a natural substance and breaks down inside the body, hence it needs to be consistently refilled to maintain the plumpy appearance of the lips.

The benefits of hyaluronic acid fillers are as follows:

  • Controllable lip volume: The doctor has control over the amount of the injected substance, meaning that the ultimate size and volume of the lip is also controllable.
  • Gradually progressing treatment: The desired final results can be achieved by means of different appointments, gradually increasing the amount of the injected substance.
  • Easily dissolvable bumps: The lumps and bumps that sometimes occur with lip fillers can be dissolved easily with a special enzyme known as Hyaluronidase.
  • Less bruising: The potential bruising and swelling levels are lower in comparison to other dermal fillers.
  • Reasonably long-term results: Though not permanent, the results last for a reasonably long period of time (9-12 months).
  • Improbability of allergic reactions: Hyaluronic acid fillers are substances similar to those that can be found in the body. That’s why they are not likely to bring forth allergic reactions. However, if you are allergic to lidocaine, make sure to update your doctor on that matter before the treatment.

Is It Possible to Pair Hyaluronic Acid Fillers with Botox?

Botox is a popular treatment used to tackle wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Hyaluronic acid fillers are frequently combined with Botox to address deeper wrinkles that Botox alone cannot fully cover. Aging is accompanied with loss of fat and tissue volume, which is where the fillers come in. Botox and Hyaluronic Acid fillers can be safely used in combination to achieve optimal results.

How Safe Is the Russian Lip Technique?

The Russian Lip Technique involves injections of dermal fillers, mainly hyaluronic acid based ones, into the lip body. Hyaluronic acid fillers are approved by the FDA which makes them safe to inject. Just like any other injectable procedure, there is a possibility of some risks and side effects associated with dermal fillers, though they are minimal and temporary with the Russian Lip technique. Some patients may have swelling and bruising after the procedure that usually subsides within 3-5 days.

Is Local Anesthesia Necessary Before the Russian Lips Treatment?

Being one of the most sensitive facial areas, lips are best to be treated following the application of a topical numbing cream. Even though the needle used for injection is very tiny, the pricks caused by injections can be relatively painful. There are a number of lip numbing methods that may be applied before the procedure, including icing the lips, applying topical lidocaine gel, or a full dental block. At Miracle Face, we typically apply a topical lidocaine heavy numbing cream on the lips 15 minutes prior to the injection process to ensure comfort and minimal pain for our patients.

How Is the Russian Lip Technique Performed?

With the Russian lip technique the dermal filler is injected very superficially, making it an especially technically challenging and highly advanced procedure. The chance of side effects can be high if the procedure is carried out by an inexperienced or unqualified injector. Side effects may include unevenness, lopsidedness and lumpiness. Thus, it is extremely important to be sure that the treatment is performed by a well-trained professional with extensive experience and relevant qualification in the field. This will ensure the safety and the effectiveness of the procedure. Do confirm that the administering physician is board-certified with experience having performed thousands of similar injections. If administered by an unqualified injector you will most likely end up having unsatisfactory results and adverse side effects. With several years of experience in the field, board certified cosmetic medical professional, Dr. Schwarzburg, is one of the top lip injectors in New York City, at his boutique medical spa located on the Upper East side of Manhattan.

Is It Safe to Combine Botox Lip Flip with the Russian Lips Technique?

It is absolutely safe to combine a Botox lip flip with the Russian lips technique. The Botox injection right above the upper lip relaxes the muscle pulling the top lip upwards and creating a “lip flip”. The lip flip can be paired with the Russian lip technique without any problems, as the latter is designed to create more of an upward shaped volume. Thus, the Russian lip technique can even be enhanced with a lip flip.

Can Russian Lip Injections Be Paired with Other Aesthetic Procedures?

Actually, lip injections are combined with other aesthetic procedures quite often. No procedures are specified as contraindicating to lip fillers, provided that the injecting professional approves of it. Lip fillers are frequently paired with Botox or other facial fillers, like under eye, cheek, nasolabial fold, or jawline fillers. The one thing to avoid right after filler injections are facials. You will need to postpone them for 3-5 days after your lip filler to allow the filler to settle and prevent any possible migration.

How Long Does the Effect of the Russian Lip Fillers Last?

The Russian lip technique involves superficial injections into the tissue plane which is minimally vascularized. Therefore, the gel tends to last longer, as does the effect of the filler. Some patients’ bodies respond better, maintaining the results for more than 12 months, while in other cases the filler is metabolized quicker and the results last for about 9 months. The average duration of the Russian Lip effect is from 6-12 months, depending on the amount of filler used, as well as the desired results of the patient. The longevity of the results also depends on the type of the filler. With Restylane Kysse lip filler patients can expect to have longer lasting results, which could last well beyond a year without any touch ups.

The Side Effects of the Russian Lips Technique

Lip fillers are known as a pretty easy ‘lunch time procedure’, however, that does not mean that it comes with zero risks and side effects. There are a few possible factors to keep in mind before scheduling your lip filler. Standard and more common risks and side effects include bruising and swelling for up to a week after the procedure.

At Miracle Face, Dr. Schwarzburg is known as the best Russian lips doctor. He often emphasizes that if poorly performed, even the correctly chosen technique can cause serious issues and hideous long lasting damage.

Recently there seems to have been an increase in the number of inexperienced injectors who offer treatments. Asymmetry, infections and even necrosis (tissue death) are among the consequences of an incorrectly injected filler. Bulging and split lip skin, uneven, lumpy lips, and allergic reactions are some of the other more severe side effects. In the event of any of these side effects occurring, the doctor makes use of a reversal agent for hyaluronic acid filler called Hyaluronidase. The speed of the response and usage of Hyaluronidase is critical in order to prevent permanent side effects.

It is also important to note that not all fillers are the same and that there is a huge variety of different fillers on the market. When it comes to injecting something into your body, make sure that the person who does it has the relevant experience and qualifications, as well as high-quality products. At Miracle Face, you will be treated by one of the best Russian lips doctor in NYC, Dr. Schwarzburg, who carries not only several years of experience, but is constantly adding to his skills and always makes his patient’s comfort and desired result his top priority.

When looking for a medical aesthetics clinic you will most likely come across package deals and coupons. While a deal always sounds tempting, be sure that it is a legitimate establishment, rather than a shady spot with deals that are literally too good to be true. Make sure to do your research and ask whether there will be a need for an additional treatment being bundled in or sold.

How Long Does It Take to Have Lip Augmentation with the Russian Lip Technique?

The overall appointment will likely last no longer than 45 minutes. Before the injection process, you will be provided with a topical numbing cream which will need to settle for about 15 minutes. Once the numbing cream is removed and the treatment area is sanitized, the injection process will take 15 – 30 minutes total.

What is the Russian Lips Price in New York?

There are different factors that affect the price of dermal fillers and lip augmentation, like the location of your clinic of choice, the anatomical complexity of the procedure, as well as the performing doctor’s level of experience and expertise. As the Russian lip technique is a very sophisticated and technically advanced procedure, it requires to be done solely by highly-trained doctors. Taking this into consideration, you can expect to pay anywhere between $900 and $1200 for that particular treatment in New York City. Oftentimes more dermal filler is needed to get the flat and heightened appearance of Russian lips, which will also contribute to the higher the price range. In addition, this treatment may take slightly longer than the average filler, taking up more of the doctor’s time, which needs to be compensated for.

Russian Lip Technique in New York

If you are looking for a way to give your lips a loving transformation, then make sure to give us a call at Miracle Face and book your consultation with one of the best Russian lip physicians in New York City. Dr. Schwarzburg frequently performs the Russian Lip technique on his patients as his philosophy is based on maintaining a beautifully natural appearance. Before your procedure, you will have the opportunity to a one on one consultation with Dr. Schwarzburg to discuss questions and concerns as well as the results that you would like to achieve. For more information on scheduling your consultation with Dr. Schwarzburg, please call (212) 774-4264 or email us at