Any package obtained directly through us or third party web-sites must be used within its designated timeframe. No extensions will be allowed unless specified under a separate contractual agreement.

Payment Policy:

Payment is due in full prior to any procedure.
For certain appointments full or partial prepay by credit card is required.


Our patented EvaluText process is designed to expedite and facilitate the consultation process through evaluation of a photograph submitted to us. There is no fee associated with this service. If you rather see us in person, there is a $100 consultation fee, which must be paid in advance. If you are a candidate for the procedure we will apply the consultation fee towards your total. If you are not a candidate for the procedure that fee is non-refundable.


If your scheduled appointment requires a cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances please let us know as soon as possible, but at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment to avoid a 100% cancellation fee, but not to exceed $200. If your card can not be charged a cancellation fee, and you possess a valid promotional third party voucher, it may be redeemed in lieu of a cancellation fee. We meticulously prepare for every appointment and late cancellations adversely affect our operations and our therapists. In rare circumstance we will require you to submit proof of an emergency such as police report, a hospital admission or sick note from a doctor.

A valid credit card is required to schedule your appointment irrespective of your voucher status.

Voucher and Special Promotions:

Our clinic advertises services on various platforms including Groupon. If you are a new patient with Groupon or any other promotional voucher we will gladly accept it as payment for services. Once you are an established patient in the clinic you may not use any promotions that have been purchased outside the clinic.
No vouchers will be honored from any company/platform unless issued by us for all established patients. We will assist you in returning the voucher if you, as an established patient, decline to reimburse us directly for the services, and would still like to use a voucher or other discounted option not obtained directly from us.
An established patient is any patient who received services in the clinic and used any payment method, e.g. discount voucher from Groupon, or direct payment to the clinic for services provided.

A valid Groupon voucher number must be provided prior to scheduling an appointment for validation purposes.