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May 16, 2017


A comparison chart illustrates some major differences between MiracleFace Medical Spa and other spas in New York City.

MiracleFace MedSpa Other New York MedSpas
Consultation Always free A fee is charged or waived only if you buy a minimum quantity of service
Follow up Free botox touch up within 2 weeks Follow ups don’t exist or must pay a full per unit price to get a problem fixed
Prices Everyday affordable prices Low introductory fee and then sky high fees for established clients
Referrals Unprecedented 1st time 25% referral fee of the total amount the referral spends in the clinic and then a continuous 5% referral fee for the lifetime of the referral Nonexistent or a low, one time referral fee
Environment Relaxed, without pressure to buy services you don’t need High pressure, aggressive selling techniques to make you buy services you don’t need
Appointments We never double book for any of our appointments Other spas frequently double book for procedures

Welcome to MiracleFace MedSpa,
where our goal is to make you look your best by providing the latest and most advanced minimally invasive rejuvenation services in New York!

Miracleface MedSpa number 1 Medical Spa

Whether it is botulinum toxins, facial fillers, plasma facials, mirconeedling, non-surgical facelift, fat freezing or laser hair removal you will get top-notch service and remarkable results! Our attractive and value conscious packages will make your dream of getting celebrity-like, ageless or sexier look come true!

We have perfected the science of minimally invasive procedures through years of experience and thousands of injections and know exactly what procedure to recommend for age-reversal or beauty enhancing purposes! While the techniques themselves have been around for a long time, it is the individually tailored approach with exquisite understanding of facial anatomy and function that leads to the fantastic results our patients have come to expect. Please take time to explore the outcomes of our procedures in our picture and video gallery that demonstrate and explain some of the most common techniques utilized in the med spa, also see what our clients have to say about their experiences ( google and yelp).

When you come to our clinic you will not only enjoy an honest evaluation without any pressure to buy services you do not need, but also an unprecedented follow up program, which includes free botulinum toxin touch ups for any of the soft spots that remain within two weeks after your procedure.

We also stand out from most of the other clinics in the city by offering generous referral fees. You will receive a 25% first time referral fee of the total amount that your referral spends in the clinic and a continuous 5% referral fee every time your referral visits the clinic. Based on your preference the money can be sent directly to you or applied as a credit for future service!

Botulinum toxin

 10 units and get 10 units free

Total $169 20 units
(up to 60 units for 3 areas)


Buy Now and Use Later
Limit 1 per person.
May buy up to 3 as gifts.
Expires 6 months from purchase.
May not be combined with any other offer.
New Patients Only.
Standard appointment / cancellation policy applies.
Paid value does not expire.
Promotional value expires on date specified above.
Pay with credit card, PayPal or PayPal Credit