Botox NYC treatment involves the use of botulinum toxin for fixing age and hyperactivity related rhytids, commonly known as wrinkles. Even though it’s been utilized extensively in the cosmetic industry for over 30 years, its use in the USA was not possible up until 2002, when it was officially approved by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Every year more and more people use this scientific miracle to fix prominent yet unappealing skin lines. Tens of millions of people in the US have tried these wrinkle eliminating injections to date. This is due more than anything to increased social acceptance of these minimally invasive rejuvenating procedures as well as ongoing technological advances that guarantee much better results. Interestingly enough, a growing number of celebrities have been attributing this treatment to their youthful look.

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May 16, 2017

Botox Special

Woman injecting Botox

What are the common areas Botox is applied to?

Assuming it is used to deal with wrinkles is a great understatement as Botox is used in a variety of ways to treat a long list of skin and non-skin related issues. Here is a sneak peek into what else it treats:

  • Crow’s feet around eyes. Fixes Crow’s feet around eyes, which are the radiating lines that are most prominent when you squint or smile.
  • Forehead or worry lines. The forehead is most prone to wrinkles and worry lines. However, with forehead treatment this is not an issue any longer.
  • Smokers lines. It fixes smoker’s lines around the lips.
  • Chin dimpling (“peach pit” chin or peu D’Orange chin). Dimpling of the chin is fixed by injecting mentalis muscle which guarantees a relaxed and wrinkle-free chin.
  • Vertical neck bands. Vertical neck bands are a cause of distress to most people, but can be easily fixed by injecting platysma muscle.
  • Eyebrow lift (arched eyebrows). Flat eyebrows can be lifted for a non-surgical brow lift.

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botox areas

How does Botox work?

What is the single most frightening thing that can appear on your face and reveal your age? Let me guess – wrinkles. However unfortunate it is, our smooth faces eventually end up wrinkling up. It is inevitable, but fortunately, treatable. The treatment comes in the form of Botox injections.
The most common question people keep asking (of course, apart from the ubiquitous ‘is it safe?’ and ‘is it painful?’) is how it works in the first place.  The answer is quite simple: it is derived from Botulinum toxin, which is then injected in the form of reconstituted solution into the muscle to relax and keep it from excessive contraction. In doing so, it prevents the development as well as the spread of wrinkles all over your face.
It was first used for treating poor eye muscle control but has since gained popularity, causing a huge buzz in the cosmetics industry. Celebrities all over the globe have been known to use it to keep them looking young. It is extraordinarily important to note that successful treatment depends on the art and skill of the injector who performs the procedure.

Why Us?

MiracleFace MedSpa offers some of the best age-defying Botox NYC deals along with professional service that will leave your face as good as new. We have A-level professionals who perform hundreds of Botox procedures every week, 365 days a year, and have been doing this for almost a decade in one of the most vibrant and demanding city in the world. Our patients report having the most natural-looking results they ever experienced. Our approach involves administering small amount of if you are new to the world of rejuvenation. We then fine tune all successive injections to match the perception of your ideal image. This is one of the reasons our patients are happy and satisfied with their results when they walk out of our clinic. Why not join the club that millions of other happy patients joined to smooth out the wrinkles that make you look tired or irritated with the most experienced professionals in New York City? Why us? Simply because you will not get better results anywhere else!

Botox Vs Fillers: When do I use what?

Dermal fillers have also been used to fix facial imperfections. Fillers include: Juvederm series, Restylane series and Belotero series, which are all derivatives of hyaluronic acid. Dermal fillers are used to address deep Forehead lines, Tear troughs (deep creases under eyes), Sagging cheeks, Nasolabial folds (smile lines), Jowl sulci and Marionette lines. They are also used for lip augmentation as well as nose and chin augmentation.

We will walk you through your options during your consultation and determine what works best for you.


But here is a side by side comparison on how to best utilize each treatment:


• Best for lines of expression, where muscles contract.
• Best for forehead lines, Furrow lines and Crow’s feet.

vs image


• Best for deep lines that are present even when facial muscles are not contracting.
• Best for nose correction, laugh lines, sleep wrinkles and Lip lines.


‘How much does it cost’ is not a question that can be answered with a single number. The cost of this medicine ranges $160 to $800 per area or from $8 to $20 per unit. Per unit payment is more transparent as you know exactly how many units you need. In other words, there is a lesser risk of overpayment. Our goal is to provide you with best, but at the same time most cost conscious treatment options that can be found in New York!


A tiny needle is used to inject reconstituted solution into the muscle that creates the wrinkle. The nerve impulse sent by the brain is then prevented from reaching and activating the muscle, which then relaxes. This overtime leads to gradual muscle weakening, and the skin overlying the muscle gradually softens, leading to resolution of the wrinkles.


It is safe and FDA approved. Since it is injected directly into the muscle, it does not get absorbed anywhere else in the body.


Botox treatment has been coined a lunch break procedure as it takes no more than 10 minutes to administer. After the therapist has assessed which areas need to be injected, everything else is quite fast and does not require anesthesia. It is a short procedure, and you will be on your way in no time.


The effects last 3-4 months. There is a lot of variation depending on individual lifestyle, metabolism, etc. ‘How long does it last?’ is therefore a question that has an individual answer. For example, for new patients, whose muscles have not been relaxed before, the effects may wear off faster. So do not worry if the results fade off earlier than expected after your first treatment as you can always come for an additional touch up.


After an approximately 10-minute procedure, the muscles relax in 2-6 days. The full results of the treatment are seen, however, within 2 weeks.


The injection does not hurt any more than a mosquito bite. It is for this reason that you do not need anesthesia. For those with sensitive skin, an ice pack or topical lidocaine cream can be applied to numb the skin and make you more comfortable.


The injected area might swell a little and it is advised not to rub the injected area. Also, these areas should not be massaged or exposed to hot water for at least 24 hours after the procedure. Additionally, alcohol should be avoided for 24 hours after the completion of the procedure.


Of course you will, but with more vibrant and smooth skin. We know about your fear that the effects could be too obvious so that everyone will know you had a procedure. However, you are guaranteed a refreshed and rested look, but with everyone guessing as to what happened. Take a look at our gallery and look at some of the Botox before and after photos of our patients.


The most common contraindication to Botox treatment is active skin infection involving the area of injection. Expectant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid the treatment until the end of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Finally, if you have certain neuromuscular disorders such as ALS, Myasthenia Gravis, and Lamber-Eaton syndrome, you should steer clear of any injections as it may worsen the conditions. We will guide you through this process and answer any questions you may have.


The most common side effect is minor bruising, which resolves in a few days after injection and a slight headache after the procedure (this is a remote possibility). The latter disappears soon after you take some painkillers or after a short rest. If the agent spreads into an undesired area then it is possible to develop droopy eyelids or frozen forehead. This may happen if it is not properly administered, which is why you should always get a professional to do it. With the services performed by licensed and experienced professionals, you can rest assured that all potential side effects would not ruin the outstanding results as well as your excitement.


Use of this amazing medicine spans far beyond fixing facial wrinkles. It is used to treat Hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating),
facial and ear pain or headaches associated with TMJ disease (temporomandibular joint disorder).


Facial expressions go a long way in influencing our emotions. A constantly sulky face may create a negative feedback loop to your brain and have negative effects on your emotions. Recent research has it that it is an effective treatment for major depression. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!


The TMJ joint is responsible for opening and closing the mouth. When you are under a lot of stress you clench and grind your teeth which may cause pain and headaches due to hypertrophy of the masseter and temporalis muscles going into spasm. This can lead to a squared appearance of your lower face, which for some people may not be a desired look. Direct masseter injections result in slimmer, more defined look of your lower face. These injections also prevent the pain associated with TMJ.


All men have the fear of erectile dysfunction, but soon, it might be a thing of the past thanks to Botulinum toxin. It is currently being investigated as an adjunct treatment of erectile dysfunction and the preliminary results are very promising. It might just be a matter of time before we offer services for erectile dysfunction at MiracleFace MedSpa NYC!

To Do Or Not To Do

With everyone in America getting more conscious of their looks and appearance with each day, this miraculous medicine plays a very important role in helping keep the major excesses of aging well under control. MiracleFace MedSpa is a frontrunner when it comes to Botox treatments in NYC and procedures seem to be in the best position to bring out the best in everyone. This has clearly been shown in the testimonies and feedback left by our clients.

Along with making sure your treatment cost is affordable, you’re sure of getting the best services and results you could get anywhere in New York and the surrounding areas. You no longer have to wait, but rather take direct control and rewrite your own rejuvenation story with one of the best facial cosmetic treatments in the world today!