With a small dose of Botox you can fade away wrinkles and imperfections , successfully restoring youthfulness and vibrancy to your face.

Procedure takes less than 30 minutes

Youthful appearance for 3 to 4 months

Minimally invasive painless procedure

MiracleFace MedSpa has proudly served countless clients and performed a myriad of Botox treatments to help them bring back their bright youthfulness and energy to the face and more. Both women and men have found limitless success with the treatment and see it as one of the most potent methods of anti-aging on the market.

Dr. Schwarzburg, a highly accredited and board-certified practitioner with years of experience in Botox and a lot of other aesthetic treatments, is always happy to see new faces at MiracleFace MedSpa, and is even happier to see them leave the premises with a satisfied look on their faces. His personalized approach to Botox treatment has helped many patients reach their aesthetic goals and find the exact appearance that suits their tastes.
And to think, all it takes for them to reach these results is a procedure which can be entirely performed, from start to finish over a lunch break.

You will find no shortage of practitioners in NYC, but few match the proficiency of MiracleFace MedSpa’s leading surgeon Dr. Schwarzburg. From the start of the treatment, you will be in close touch with Dr. Schwarzburg who will lead you through the entire process to ensure that your procedure goes by smoothly and you reach the exact results you’ve been looking for.

Woman injecting Botox

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May 16, 2017

Botox Injections

If there is one treatment that even the least knowledgeable individual on the topic of beauty and cosmetic procedures knows, it has to be Botox. It is without a doubt one of the most sought-after treatments out there and for a number of reasons. We are lucky to live in an age where it is widely available for clients living in most major metropolitan areas. Even the best Botox doctors in NYC are easily accessible by average income households, so this is no longer a treatment for film stars and the 1%. If you live in NYC, you can visit any of the local clinics including Manhattan’s own MiracleFace MedSpa led by Dr. Schwarzburg, and the Botox services at his cosmetic spa on the Upper East Side.

Unlike other treatments which focus on skin smoothing on a more superficial level of the dermis, Botox goes in deeper and targets specific muscles to get the job done. The wrinkles you see on your face, be they dynamic or static, are the result of subconscious muscle contractions happening below the skin. When Botox is injected, it sedates the muscles and the contractions decrease, subsequently causing the skin above to smooth out on its own. Because Botox works on a deeper level than other aesthetic facial treatments, the results look significantly more natural and the newfound vibrancy in the face is very difficult to differentiate from naturally younger skin.

botox areas

Who Invented Botox and When?

Botox was invented in 1989 by dermatologist Alan Scott who sold the rights to the product to pharmaceutical company Allergan in 1991. Today, Botox is in very high demand and the process of finding a good Botox clinic has become much easier in larger metropolitan regions, such as New York. It is important to understand that finding dermatology clinics that offer some of the best Botox in their area still requires research to confirm that where you are getting treated is a reputable place. You can do this by looking up “the best Botox injectors near me”, and looking into the clinic’s reviews, before and after photos, and exploring the doctor’s background and experience. This popular neurotoxin is now completely ubiquitous and is used by not only celebrities, but everyone from your mother, friends, and family, to your neighbors.

Known formally as the botulinum toxin, this chemical has been around for over a century. While originally discovered by a Belgian chemist during an outbreak of botulism, it was first isolated in the early 20th century and was later used in cosmetic procedures in the 50s, where Botox was applied to treat twitchy eye muscles. It was first used as an aesthetic treatment solution in 1989 by dermatologist Alan Scott. So, while the botulinum toxin has quite a long history, its advent into the beauty industry is quite recent.

Today, you will have no trouble finding a Botox clinic that operates within your local area and for a price that suits your budget. Through a simple online search of “the best Botox injectors near me” you will find a slew of potential candidates that are more than happy to welcome new patients into the operation. Even the best Botox practitioners out there work for very reasonable prices, so long gone are the days of having to scour for a clinic that has a pricing model which suits your budget.

Modern Botox Specialists

With that in mind another question is brought into the spotlight: who makes botox and where does botox come from? Botox is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company which is actually the current owner of the “Botox” product. Keep in mind that Botox is just one name among many and there are other botulinum toxin products, such as Dysport and Xeomin.

When the substance is manufactured, it is then distributed among Botox clinics across the world, to practitioners who have a license and all other qualifications necessary to perform the treatment. Dr. Scwarzburg, MD, at MiracleFace MedSpa is one of these practitioners. He is board-certified and is a seasoned veteran of the industry. While there is no shortage of new Botox clinics springing up all across the country, only the most knowledgeable and experienced practitioners like Dr. Schwarzburg are trusted by the majority of consumers. So if you’re looking for the best Botox and filler injectors in your local area, it’s best to look for doctors with plenty of experience and a history of successful procedures, as opposed to simply chasing prices.

What’s In the Botox Injections?

This is a very foggy area for many people, including long-time patients of Botox and this is why so many people ask the question: What is botox made of? To avoid overly-confusing terminology, basically, Botox is made purifying a special type of bacteria and utilizing the remaining neurotoxin. This Botoxin is able to temporarily paralyze certain nerves and produce a specific set of results. For example, when injected into certain eye muscles, the neurotoxin paralyzes them and stops involuntary eye twitchiness, which is actually one of the earliest applications of the substance. Similarly, when it is injected into key areas on the face, it can stop muscle contractions which are responsible for the wrinkles on the surface of the face, as well as reduce sweating, and in certain applications, even headaches.

Where Can Botox Injections Be Administered?

Most of the applications you find for Botox will have something to do with the face, although certain areas around the body can also be treated. When injected into the face, Botox is able to deemphasize age marks such as wrinkles and lines, making the face look significantly younger than it did prior to the injections. There are other applications for Botox as well, outside of the common aesthetic treatments. For example, tests are currently being done to see if Botox can reduce headaches caused by migraines. There has also been a lot of positive feedback from utilizing Botox as a way to treat joint pains and muscle spasms across the body. Early stages of testing are also in progress to see if Botox can treat depression. And while currently, most of the Botox treatments you will find today focus on facial anti-aging, the results of these other applications have shown to be quite promising.

Forehead Wrinkles Botox Injection

The most prominent age marks on the face tend to be forehead wrinkles. There’s really no way to escape them, be they static or dynamic. Unless you want to walk around with bangs your whole life, forehead wrinkles are going to be visible and they are not always going to be pleasant to look at. Because the muscles in these areas are so active, eyebrow wrinkles or a very prominent line through the eyebrows are always going to be visible. But if you take a look at before and after photos online that demonstrate the significant effects of Botox on forehead wrinkles, you will see how easy they are to treat, leaving behind a beautifully smooth surface.

Botox forehead wrinkles before and after

What Is the Glabella?

Glabella is the muscle group located between your eyebrows. Whenever you furrow them, the wrinkles in the glabella become visible as little vertical lines. Unfortunately, as time goes on, these wrinkles go from dynamic, as in only being visible when you’re actively making a facial expression, to static, which means that they’re always present regardless of whether or not your making a face. Glabellar lines are also in a very unfortunate spot as they are perfectly centered on your face and are pretty much always in the line of sign. Luckily, glabella Botox can fade out those glabellar lines and the wrinkles will no longer be visible. You can see it clearly in glabella Botox before and after photos where it is almost uncanny how smooth the area is and how there are almost no wrinkles. So visit your local practitioner and ask them about how Botox between your eyes could bring some youthfulness and energy to your face. You can find plenty of Botox between eyebrows before and after on MiracleFace MedSpa website to get a better feel for what you can expect from the procedure.

Crows Feet Botox Injections

Much like forehead wrinkles, crows feet lines are also a very common age mark on the face. They appear on the outer tips of your eyelids and fan out into several lines outward. There are some natural remedies and skin care products to help prevent crows feet from developing, but these are not always effective and won’t get you any permanent results. To remove crows feet, you need something more potent that will deemphasize crows feet wrinkles and help to keep the skin in that area looking smooth. Botox for crow’s feet injection technique is specialized to treat these specific wrinkles and is a very potent answer on how to fix, remove or reduce crows feet through a minimally invasive procedure. Crows feet treatment is widely practiced by many cosmetic specialists as these wrinkles are quite common among individuals of various ages.

While you can find other treatments, such as Juvederm for crows feet, which is also a minimally invasive treatment that smooths out wrinkles by lifting the skin, crows feet Botox still remains as one of the most popular solutions on the market. When the Botox substance is administered into crows feet Botox injection sites, it paralyzes the muscles in that area, numbing them, and stopping the contractions that are responsible for the wrinkles. With the muscles now paralyzed, the skin smoothes itself out and the wrinkles fade away. This is why looking through the before and after photos, you will see skin that looks naturally smooth. You won’t see the artificially smooth look that other treatments tend to leave behind. This way you not only prevent crows feet from making your appearance look tired and worn out, but you also don’t lose out on the natural beauty and authenticity of your face.

How Long Do the Crows Feet Results Last?

What helps crows feet Botox treatments cement them as staples of modern cosmetic centers is how long the results last. For most patients, the results can last anywhere from 3 to 5 months and this varies from person to person. Since we are all built differently, our bodies react to the Botox substance in a different way. Also, how many botox injections are needed for crow’s feet also plays a major role in how long the results remain visible. The substance is able to remain in some bodies for a longer period of time than others, so it’s very hard to get a more specific estimate.

The same goes with how early the results of the treatment become visible. Within 3 to 5 days following the treatment, you will start to notice the Botox results, so day by day your crow’s feet are going to fade away. It’s a gradual improvement but the improvement is clearly visible. A good point of reference should be crows feet before Botox treatment photos and then the ones after, which demonstrate the extent of the treatment’s effectiveness and the amount of time it will take for you to see a visible improvement.

How Much Do Crows Feet Botox Treatments Cost?

Not unlike how long the results last and how early on you will start to see the results, the answer to “How much does Botox cost for crows feet?” is also quite relative. Depending on where you live, the practitioners around you, their pricing models, and how many vials of the substance you will need, the prices are going to be drastically different. Everyone has their own price estimate, as there are too many factors in place to calculate a general price average for most patients. Your best bet would be to consult a practitioner and ask for a personalized estimate. The best and vetted Botox doctors in New York always ensure that their patients know exactly how much they will be paying and what they will be paying for. The whole process is quite transparent and you should have no problem calculating the costs of your treatment after you’ve consulted a licensed practitioner.

Botox crows feet before and after
Botox under eyes before and after

Botox Under Eyes

When it comes to large concentrations of wrinkles, the areas around the eyes are some of the most prominent. From those dark circles around the eyes to the many wrinkles, and lines that make the appearance look tired and worn out. Botox for eye wrinkles would seem like a lifesaver for many patients, but unfortunately, Botox for sunken eyes and Botox for puffy under eyes does not work. There are still plenty of other applications for the neurotoxin, but unfortunately, Botox for under eye circles may not yield the results you’re looking for. So when asking the question “Will Botox fix the bags under the eyes?” it’s best to consult a professional to see if it’s botulinum toxin injections you need or fillers. When you compare before and after results after under eye filler injections you will have a better idea why botox doesn’t work for that problem. With dark circles under the eyes the issue is not the wrinkle or excessive muscular contraction, but rather loss of tissue volume that gives a hollow appearance to that area. However, Botox is still capable of smoothing out smaller wrinkles around the eyes, so you can also check out the Botox under eye bags before and after to see exactly what improvements the botulinum toxin can have on that area.

Can You Get Botox Under Your Eyes?

There is nothing stopping you from trying. Again, while it’s not very effective to use Botox to improve the appearance of eye bags, there are still some applications for botulinum toxin in that area. For smaller under eye wrinkles Botox injections work wonderfully to smooth out the skin and make the eyes look more energized.

Neck Botox

It is possible to eliminate neck lines with Botox when it is injected into specific areas of the body. Neck Botox injections can help treat loose skin on the neck and subsequently, those lines and wrinkles that cover the entire surface. Additionally, these injections can also help with more than just appearance. Botox for muscle spasms is one of the neurotoxin’s most utilized medical applications and can help reduce involuntary spasms in the neck.

botox for neck lift

Botox Brow Lift

For the upper portion of the face, you have the choice to get Botox for wrinkles or more precise treatment, Botox placement for a brow lift.

What Is an Eyebrow Lift and Can Botox Lift Eyebrows?

Though quite delicate work, there are ways of raising your eyebrows through specific Botox injection sites that create an eyebrow lift. You have likely already seen the results of treating the eyebrows with Botox by looking at some of the most famous celebrities and influencers. But this application for the botulinum toxin is widely available to the general public. Through a specific set of well-placed injections, the eyebrows are lifted and the face looks significantly brighter as a result. But as with any other cosmetic procedure out there, be it performed by a newcomer or the best botox doctor in New York, be sure to consult your medical professional before you even consider signing up for a treatment. While before and after selfies of celebrities and TV personalities who had their eyebrows lifted with botox will tell you that the treatment is pretty safe, you never truly know how your body will respond until you’ve consulted your medical professional.

How to Lift Eyebrows

You must understand what the results of this treatment will look like. This is why Botox brow lift before and after photos make for great reference points to help you picture exactly what to expect. Also, this may give you a general idea of what to expect from the procedure itself. You can learn quite a lot through a little bit of research, be it about the Botox brow lift injection sites, to how the Botox eye lift works in the first place.

There’s a little phenomenon you should look out for in the before and after pictures called Spock eyebrows after Botox. Named after the fictional character, the Spock eyebrows Botox look refers to when the outer sides of the eyebrows lift and look almost furrowed as a result of the injections. This is something practitioners look to avoid but less experienced ones have somewhat of difficulty with this. So, to prevent this, more seasoned practitioners have a specific Botox brow lift technique. Depending on where to inject Botox for a brow lift, the Spock eyebrows can be avoided. If you see the Spock eyebrows in any of the before and after photos, be wary of that practitioner and do more research before making the appointment.

How Much Is an Eyebrow Lift?

The Botox brow lift cost varies from practitioner to practitioner, which is to be expected since everyone works differently and has their method of setting prices. The average Botox cost in NYC for an eyebrow lift will be anywhere from $200 to $400. But you will never know the precise cost until you’ve consulted a professional and received an accurate estimate. Even the best place for Botox in NYC will ask to speak with you first before naming a price.

Botox for eye brow lift

Botox for a Lip Flip

While Botox cannot increase the volume and plumpness of the lips directly, there is a little trick of the trade that can make your lips look fuller. By injecting the botulinum toxin into certain muscles around the lips, the upper lip will flip up, making both lips look significantly fuller.

Botox lip flip before and after

Masseter Muscle Botox and Chin Botox

The jaw is the strongest muscle in the body and considering how much training it gets, be it through talking or chewing, it’s not surprising. But as with any muscle that received extensive training, it grows, and unfortunately, this isn’t always good. Jaw reduction surgery is commonly performed on patients whose jaws have grown wider as a result of constant strain on the muscles, which in turn makes their heads look almost square. This is why face slimming surgery is such a common practice and jaw reduction is highly sought after. For both masseter reduction and face slimming, Botox works quite well to restore the face to its non-square shape. This non surgical jaw reduction through a set of masseter injections allows cosmetic practitioners to slim down the jawline. Botox for jaw slimming works similarly to any other botulinum toxin application; with just a few injections, jawline Botox produces some truly attractive results but with minimal invasiveness and very few side effects. Along with the jawline, the non surgical chin reduction is also a favorite among many clients. By injecting Botox under the chin, practitioners can sharpen the chin and make it look less squared, something that many individuals hate seeing in the mirror. You can see the results of both of these applications for yourself through Botox lower face before and after photos to see just how much of a huge difference these minor details can make.

Botox Face Slimming Cost

Depending on the number of masseter Botox units utilized, which can be anywhere from 20 to 100, expect the treatment to start around $500 and work its way up with each extra unit. And since the number of units you require may greatly differ from everyone else, the masseter Botox cost varies from person to person.

Chin and masseter Botox


What is Micro Botox for? Not all muscles in your face are large enough or strong enough to handle a full dosage of the compound. Or perhaps the muscle may simply not need the full dosage in the first place. For more delicate and smaller muscles, Micro Botox can be utilized.

What Is a Micro Facial?

Another very effective use for the botulinum toxin is to refine and minimize the size of pores. Microdroplet botox is injected into the outermost layers of the dermis to shrink the pores down. This treatment is called Aquagold and is one of the lesser-known applications for botulinum toxin, but it is still very potent and has produced some truly amazing results. Do keep in mind, however, that this application is not a Botox acne treatment. There are other cosmetic solutions out there for those looking to reduce the visibility of their facial acne.

Botox for TMJ

The TMJ Botox treatment is a very effective way to treat the medical condition that causes pain in the jaw. Pain in the jaw develops and can be the result of excessive exertion of force throughout the years or even the alignment of your teeth. This makes the treatment a medical necessity, so Botox for TMJ is covered by insurance. Consult a medical professional and ask about Botox for jaw pain. They will like to recommend you try Botox injections for TMJ as it has shown to be quite potent at dealing with this medical condition and is trusted by many medical professionals. The TMJ Botox injection sites mostly depend on your practitioner and what they believe is the most effective spot for the treatment.

Botox for Migraines

The success of the botulinum toxin in the beauty industry is unquestionable, but there is a lesser-known but just as fascinating side to the substance in the medical sphere. One of the original uses for Botox was treating twitchy eye muscles. Today, there are all kinds of applications for the compound and it is used to treat a variety of conditions. One of these applications is treating migraines. Is Botox for migraines the same as cosmetic Botox? The compound itself: yes. The way it’s utilized: not exactly. Cosmetic applications involve injecting botulinum toxin into various areas of the face, whereas Botox in the scalp for migraines is the medical application. And if you’re looking to get two kinds of results for the price of one: Does Botox for migraines help with wrinkles? Yes, the compound being injected is still the same, so if you happen to have wrinkles in the area getting injected for migraines, it will treat them as well.

How Many Units of Botox Are Used for Migraine Treatment?

Treating migraines with Botox will typically require around 100 units, though this number differs from person to person, depending on the severity of the migraines as well as the strength of your muscles in the designated area.

How Much Does Botox for Migraines Cost?

A unit of the botulinum toxin costs around $20 and more. Since migraine treatments require 100 units of the substance, the Botox for migraines cost starts at $2,000. But there are many practitioners to choose from who offer more reasonable prices, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a price that suits your budget.

How Long Does Botox Last for Migraines?

As with any other botulinum toxin application, the results last from 3 to 5 months. You can maintain a steady routine of migraine treatments and not have to suffer from headaches throughout the entire year.

Is Botox Covered by Insurance for Migraines?

The cost of Botox for migraines can be quite steep for some people as a result of the 100 units of the substance that is required for the treatment. Fortunately, since it is a medical treatment, it is covered by medical insurance.

Botox for Hyperhidrosis

Some people sweat more than others. This is completely natural, however, in some cases, excessive sweating is a medical condition brought on by several factors, be they genetics or hormonal imbalances. The botulinum toxin does have the ability to reduce sweating and has been proven quite potent in this application. And the best part: you don’t have to inject the compound for this specific reason. Even receiving a Botox eyebrow lift, for example, will reduce the sweating in that area to some extent. But there are Botox NYC treatments out there that target specific areas that sweat profusely, such as the underarms.


Botox for Men

For those wondering “do men get Botox?” the answer is yes; many men do get botulinum toxin injections. And this goes beyond male celebrities with Botox who have been getting treated with the substance for decades. Modern cosmetic centers look to debunk the myth and bury the stereotype that cosmetic procedures are exclusively for women or that men don’t need to get treated. This is simply not true and does not correspond to modern industry trends and statistics. Male Botox is NYC is a big market, as wanting to look young and vibrant is in no way a sex-exclusive desire. Cosmetic injections for men may one day become just as common as they are with women, but even today you will find no shortage of men looking for ways to change their appearance and finetune their self-image.

Botox for men | Male Botox

Male Botox Injection Sites

The majority of clients who go for botulinum toxin injections are women, but this does not in any way mean that men don’t need the treatment. Men’s deep forehead wrinkles can be very visible, more so than women’s in many cases. Botox for frown lines is also quite popular with men who have more pronounced wrinkles in that area. And aside from Botox, you can also find all manner of other cosmetic solutions that many men go for, such as forehead fillers for men which are also very potent for taking care of deep wrinkles.

Can You Drink Alcohol After Botox?

Alcohol after Botox should not pose any problems once the injections have been administered. However, it is very much advised to avoid alcohol consumption before the treatment.

Is Botox Safe?

Any cosmetic treatment that goes out into the market has to go through rigorous testing and thorough analyses. It has been FDA-approved for decades, so this should let you know just how trusted this substance is. Not only that but the practitioners themselves must also go through countless hours of training to get the chance of working with the botulinum toxin. Any modern cosmetic center that offers Botox New York must have a board-certified, seasoned, and knowledgeable professional leading the operation.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

The Botox treatment typically lasts less than 30 minutes, depending on what area is being treated. Botox crows feet and Botox for the frown lines may even take around 10 minutes, which is a very short amount of time. On the other hand, Botox for hyperhidrosis will take around 30 minutes. But even then, it’s a very short amount of time and you could even have it done on your lunch break.

How Much Botox Will I Need?

This depends on what area of the face is being treated and the results you’re after. Dr. Schwarzburg will give you the exact amount of botulinum toxin vials that will be used for the treatment.

Is Botox Painful?

While there are people out there who don’t mind the slight prick of a needle, there are still certain precautions taken by the practitioners to avoid any uncomfortable sensations. An ice pack or numbing cream can be used as a way to significantly reduce the stinging and pain in the injections sites.

What Botox Precautions to Look Out For

It is highly advised that you avoid any blood-thinning medication before the injections. Taking these within 5 days of the treatment may result in bruising, bleeding, and other possible health risks.

Botox Before and After

You will find no shortage of before and after photos for botulinum toxin procedures that demonstrate everything the treatments are capable of. You can get an even better idea of the results by asking a coworker or a friend who was recently treated to show you a photo of how they looked before the injections. Seeing the difference in person is even more striking than in photos.

How Much Botox Will I Need?

This depends on what area of the face is being treated and the results you’re after. Dr. Schwarzburg will give you the exact amount of botulinum toxin vials that will be used for the treatment.

Who Is Not a Candidate for Botox?

Botulinum toxin injections are not advised for pregnant individuals, as well as those who have certain kinds of muscular diseases, skin conditions, and other medical problems. This is why you must consult a medical professional before making an appointment.

Botox for Lip Plumping

If you wish to make your lips look plumper and fuller, then you need the lip filler injection. Botox is not won’t make your lips fuller, but there is an application for the botulinum toxin called a lip flip. By injecting the neurotoxin into a specific muscle, the upper lip lifts, giving both lips a fuller appearance.

Who Is Not a Candidate for Botox?

Botulinum toxin injections are not advised for pregnant individuals, as well as those who have certain kinds of muscular diseases, skin conditions, and other medical problems. This is why you must consult a medical professional before making an appointment.

Botox for Lip Plumping

If you wish to make your lips look plumper and fuller, then you need the lip filler injection. Botox is not won’t make your lips fuller, but there is an application for the botulinum toxin called a lip flip. By injecting the neurotoxin into a specific muscle, the upper lip lifts, giving both lips a fuller appearance.

I Still See the Wrinkles After Injections. What Should I Do?

Botox works differently for everyone. If your skin no longer can recover the lost collagen that helps to keep its structural integrity, Botox may prevent future wrinkles from forming, but won’t treat the ones already present. Your next best answer is dermal filler injections. The hyaluronic acid filler can restore lost volume and lift the skin where there is no longer enough collagen buildup to keep the skin tight and firm.

Are There Different Brands of Botox?

Botox is only one of the many brands of botulinum toxin manufacturers out there. Other famous names on the market are Dysport injections, Xeomin injections, and Jeaveau injections all of which are quite potent in their own right but vary in popularity.

Botox for Smile Lines and Tired Under Eyes

While the botulinum toxin is quite capable of handling certain kinds of wrinkles and age marks, it cannot create the volume necessary to lift the skin in areas such as under the eyes or the smile lines. For this, you will need substances like Juvederm or Restylane, which are utilized as an under eye filler and smile line smoothing treatments respectively. They can create the volume that is required to fill those areas and lift the saggy skin.

What Other Treatments Can Complement Use of Botulinum Toxin?

Options are the name of the game with modern cosmetic solutions. You will find all manner of other treatments that can restore youthfulness to the face that do not utilize neurotoxin injections. You have other minimally invasive treatments, such as Secret RF Microneedling. This is perfect for patients who seek rejuvenated skin without going through complicated procedures and resort to a myriad of skincare products. There is also the Fraxel laser, which utilizes collagen stimulating devices, in this case, lasers, to lift the skin, making it more supple.

When Will I See My Botox Results?

Most patients see a visible improvement in their appearance 3 to 5 days following the injections. You will see a gradual improvement after that as well and the final results will be apparent around 10 days after the procedure.

Is Botox Permanent?

The short answer is “no”; the results of Botox are not permanent. When the neurotoxin is injected, it paralyzes the muscles temporarily. But after some time, the effect will begin to wear out as the chemical is depleted. This usually takes 3 to 5 months, so even if the results are not permanent, you will only need to visit the cosmetic center around 3 times a year to retain your youthful appearance all year round.

How Much Does Botox Cost?

While different cosmetic centers operate on their terms, the most common pricing model is to charge Botox treatments per the units of the substance that were administered. Each unit of Botox typically costs from $10 to $25 and it takes an average of 20 units to treat a specific set of wrinkles. Alternative pricing models will charge based on the area that is being treated. So for example, the frown lines may not cost the same as forehead wrinkles, or crows feet, and so on. But the best way to find the exact costs of your potential Botox treatments is to do your research. The best Botox doctor in NYC will ensure that you understand exactly how much you’re going to pay and precisely what you’re paying for, without leaving any foggy details.

What Is the Difference Between Botox and Fillers?

To an untrained eye, an injection is the same as pretty much any other injection. However, there are a myriad of differences between Botox and fillers. Sure, both are minimally invasive as they are nothing more than a set of injections. But the substances being injected are wildly different and work in their unique ways. As was established with Botox, it paralyzes certain muscles to keep them from contracting, subsequently smoothing out the wrinkles in that designated area. Fillers inject a special gel under the skin where the substance expands and lifts the dermal layer to level out the wrinkles and deemphasize them. And while both injections are utilized to treat the same wrinkles or areas on the face, the Botox under eyes injection sites, for example, are not going to be the same as the one for fillers. The same goes with Botox for under eyes dark circles and just about any other injection-based treatment you can think of.

Can You Do Microneedling After Botox?

A major advantage to Botox is that it can be paired with other cosmetic procedures to further boost positive results. Microneedling is another minimally invasive solution that rejuvenates and smooths out uneven skin. The one catch to combining these two treatments, however, is that your body needs enough time to recuperate from the initial Botox injections. It is generally recommended to give your skin at least a week to recover from the Botox before trying out any other cosmetic procedure. This gives it enough time to regain its strength. The last thing you want is to get treated when your skin is still tender from a recent set of Botox injections.