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Locking Down With Healthy Skin

Locking Down With Healthy Skin

We’re living in very scary times, not knowing what to expect next. This year has certainly been a rollercoaster and it seems as though we’ve reached its peak in some way. Now, you’re probably stuck at home, because of the global pandemic, which can be good and bad.

On the one hand, you can stay at home and enjoy doing what you love, without having to worry about going to work or classes. On the other hand you have to stay home the whole day, always in the same company of your family, which could be good or bad, but regardless of how much you love someone, obviously you want to have the chance to meet up with other people as well. Now, this lockdown is for your own health and safety, which is good.

But just because you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be taking care of your skin. Even at home, skin needs proper care and treatment if you want to keep it healthy. Sure, you’re not getting all that nasty dirt and gunk you’d be exposed to if you weren’t under lockdown and you’re probably not wearing any make up at home, which means your skin can breathe as well.

So, yes, there are some healthy advantages to being locked inside your home. But this doesn’t mean you should be taking skin care less seriously than any other time. To help you out with this process and give you some ideas on how to be a little more creative with your skin care, here are a few tips.

Keeping it clean

Especially at this time in our lives, it really goes without saying. Keeping skin clean is the most fundamental part of skin care of any kind. Never underestimate the things that a simple bar of soap and water are capable of doing.

Not only do they clean many germs and a whole lot of dirt off your skin, but they also keep the skin clean and protected from other nasties for some time after that. It’s safe to say that just keeping skin clean is the most important aspect of skin care.

And now, with the pandemic and all, skin care is becoming a vital part of staying safe and healthy, so never overlook the simple washing of skin. Do it as often as you can to ensure it’s absolutely clean and healthy. But there’s another reason why washing skin is so important.

Moisturized and breathing

Skin, just like the rest of our bodies, needs water and air to do its work properly. Without these, it loses its vitality and strength, begins to dry up and doesn’t work properly. To help keep it strong and fresh, you need to moisturize it.

Sure; standard washing and showering procedures can go a long way when it comes to keeping skin moist, but you often need to give it a little bit of an extra boost with the proper products. You probably already use moisturizers weekly or even daily. And if you don’t, then you definitely should give them a try and make them a part of your hygiene routine.

Moisturizing creams are special salves designed to trap as much moisture on the surface of the skin as possible. Very useful during dry seasons, these products keep your skin healthy and strong, with different variants of the product delivering some additional vitamins and nutrients to the skin.

Try out a few different ones to see which ones react with your skin the best and see if you can find a particular line that gives you the best results. Make it part of your daily washing tradition and your skin will be much healthier.

Find your optimal nutrition

Food isn’t just there to keep our bellies fool. It’s also our primary source of vitamins and nutrients, which determine our bodies strengths and weaknesses. Eat food that’s full of all the good stuff, with the right nutrients and vitamins and you’ll have a strong and healthy skin. Eat the stuff that you know is not good for you and your body; your skin loses out on some very important vitamins it’s supposed to get.

Diets are not for everyone and not everyone has the same diet. You should figure out what your body is good at breaking down and utilizing and what it can’t do so well and create your very own specific diet. This means that your skin will get all the vitamins it needs and will have an added strength thanks to all the nutrients you consume.

There’s a good saying: you are what you eat. This definitely goes for the skin as well.

The right among of exposure

But just because skin is capable of getting infected and damaged, it shouldn’t mean that you should shield it from the outside dangers completely. For example, there’s sunlight. As you know, too much of it is probably not very healthy. But your body still needs sunlight, as it provides the skin with one of the most important vitamins out there, Vitamin D.

Lack of Vitamin D can lead to a lot of health risks with the skin becoming weaker. With shortages of Vitamin D come rashes, dry skin and cracking, which means that there are increased chances of infections.

So even if you can’t go outside, try to get as many vitamins from the sun as you can, whether it’s in your backyard or even in the living room.

Also try to get some outside air too. This doesn’t mean going outside, you really shouldn’t do that right now with the pandemic and lockdown. Just make sure your skin breathes even a little of that fresh springtime air.

So while you stay safe inside your home, remember to be mindful of your skin, since it’s literally your first line of defense against a pandemic and pretty much anything else the world throws our way. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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