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Getting Your Body Ready for Spring

Getting Your Body Ready for Spring

We’re all very much ready for spring, after this rough winter. While snow and a little cold is always refreshing, both for the body and the soul, I think many of you can agree that saying goodbye to the blizzards and the thick clothing is a bit of a relief.

It feels like only yesterday, that we were thinking about some late fall skin care routines, as well as seasonal deals on great cosmetic treatments. But all that’s behind us and we can now start thinking about the spring and slowly approaching summer. It’s been a very rough year, so we all deserve a little warm vacation.

And we also deserve to look good during this vacation too. But we still have a whole spring to get through, along with all its rainstorms and windy weather. How can you make it to your summer vacation without putting your skin’s health and freshness on the line? There is a formula and a few tricks you can do to stay fresh all the way into June, with the perfect summer body that’s ready for anything.

Mind the Weather

Many of us forget just how much power the weather has over us. Nevermind the fact that a single drizzle can ruin our outdoor plans for an entire day, but also think about how much of an effect the weather has on our bodies.

That same drizzle could actually damage your skin in the long run. Sure, this doesn’t mean avoiding the rain like you would acid, but understand that not everything about the weather is cozy and comfortable.

Let’s take the rain as an example. If you live in NYC, chances are the rain is a lot more than some natural dew that’s falling from the sky. Because of all the fumes and pollution that’s found in any big city, the rainwater is probably full of all kinds of nasty chemicals and particles that may not be immediately damaging to your skin, but could cause some harm if left unattended.

If you don’t wash yourself off properly after being exposed to rain, the chemicals inside the rainwater could harm your skin. They can leave blemishes, visible spots, damage skin cells and cause jagged skin as a result. Again, this isn’t something that’s going to happen on the spot, but rather if you stay under the rain many times and don’t wash yourself off afterwards.

Basically, mind the weather, anything from the wind to the rain can damage your skin and leave you with less healthy skin. If you’re more mindful of the weather and know exactly what to expect when you step outside, you should be ready for anything that nature throws your way. Don’t underestimate the weather: wear the right clothes for the right condition.

Don’t Underestimate the Sun Either

The Sun is one of the most important elements of a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just a source of warmth and comfort. It’s our biggest source of vitamin D, which is an essential building block of the body. It keeps you and especially your skin, strong, sturdy and young. It can help you with dry skin and even certain kinds of conditions.

But, as with anything else, you need to be careful of the Sun as well. Sure, it’s not at its full power like during the summer, but it can still be pretty radiant even in the early days of spring. Many people think that getting a few rays of sunshine could help them get ready for their summer bodies with an early tan. Getting started on that summer body as early as possible is good, but remember that just because the sun is not as powerful now, doesn’t mean too much of it can’t harm your skin.

One of the biggest effects that excess exposure to the Sun has on the body is faster aging. Of course there are a lot of positives to Sun exposure, but again, you need to keep it limited, as with anything else in life.

Repair and Rejuvenate

Spring is a time of new life. And this isn’t just some spiritual slogan. Our bodies are in tune with nature and much like all the animals and plants around us, we also go through some major changes in the beginning of spring.

What you want to do at this time is to take advantage of this change in seasons and use it to your advantage. Rejuvenate and rebuild your body, cleanse it of all the dirt and grime you’ve picked up over the years. This is the perfect time for it.

Rejuvenation isn’t just about the skin. Sure, rejuvenating skin is very important, to keep it young, healthy and strong. But the rest of your body needs that same attention. Look at your hair, nails and any other area of the body that you think needs a little refresher.

Rebuilding is also very important. A cold winter can take a lot out of you, whether it’s energy, the strength and durability of your skin and the rest of your body. Now is the time to rebuild all that. Think about what gives you strength: exercise, proper food, the right skin and body care products, a healthy mental state. These are all elements of health and wellness which have a major effect on your entire body’s state.

And if you don’t have any of these, now is the perfect time to build and repair whatever damage there is. This can be done by picking up a new hobby to keep your brain busy, going to the gym with a friend, dedicating yourself to a healthier diet. Anything that’ll replace your old, unhealthy routines with something new, refreshing and, most importantly, healthy.

Give your body a proper fresh start. And there’s no better time than in the spring.

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