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Late Autumn Skin Care Tips

Late Autumn Skin Care Tips

As Autumn slowly comes to an end, we have to consider how our body and skin care routine has to change with it. Every season, it’s good to remind ourselves that our bodies are very strong, but not immune to everything. Taking good care of your skin today means you’ll have less to worry about tomorrow. And with cold weather becoming a more and more routine part of our days with Winter slowly approaching, it’s good to consider the different ways you can take care of your skin during these chilly days.

We’ve already spoken about skin care during the Summer, as well as skin care in the Spring, so let’s see what you should be doing this late Autumn. Keep in mind that your climate may vary from other parts of the world. Autumn means something different to everyone on the planet. But when we talk about it, we’re considering that Autumn for you is the season that gets a little chilly at the beginning and pretty cold near the end, as Winter comes along.

So, with that in mind, here are a few tips on taking good care of your skin at the end of Autumn.

Be Careful of the Cold

We all have our own level of cold tolerance. Some of us are perfectly happy with freezing weather, lots of snow and even a bit of a blizzard. But there are just as many, if not more, who hate the cold weather and no matter how many layers they wear, they can never be warm enough outside.

As much as you may enjoy the cold weather and find it perfectly pleasant, you need to always remember that too much of something can never be good. Being outside in the cold from time to time can offer certain benefits. Cold air is nice and clean, allowing you to breathe some fresh, crisp air. There are also a lot less infections and diseases during the winter, especially during years with heavy snow.

But as many benefits the cold weather has, it also has certain disadvantages. Firstly, staying out in the cold for too long can give you frostbite, and even in less severe circumstances, it could damage the skin in other ways. Cold climate is very dangerous because of how dry it can get. When all the moisture evaporates off your skin, you’re left with very dry skin, which can easily crack and peel away.

This isn’t just an unpleasant sensation or something nasty to look at: this can damage your skin, leave it scarred, or even worse, require more in-depth medical treatment than you would have otherwise ever needed if you’d just covered your skin when out in the cold. It can get very dangerous, so even if you never get bothered by the cold and think its comfortable, remember that regardless of how you feel, your skin can and will get damaged.

Be Mindful of What You Eat

As seasons go by, we also change our diets. In warm weather, we eat different food than when it’s cold. This happens both consciously and subconsciously and it’s a natural part of our diets. One problem that some people have is transitioning from one to another. But it’s this transition that’s absolutely crucial to staying healthy throughout the entire year.

We’re currently at this transitional period, as days become much shorter and the weather colder. Now sure, you can eat the same food all year round and maybe even feel fresh all throughout it. But you need to also remember that our vitamin intake changes with each season. For example: during late Autumn and all through the Winter, our bodies see a lot less of the Sun than they do throughout the warmer climates.

So, you obviously want to substitute and supplement the lack of nutrition by eating the right kind of food. You probably already know that what you eat directly influences pretty much everything on your body and how well it functions. Being mindful of what you eat can help you keep your body and its functions in order. The last thing you want is to weaken your body because you’ve been eating the same frozen pizza for the past several months.

Make sure you’re giving your body everything it needs to stay strong and active, especially now in the cold, when it needs all the resources it can get. So, make sure your caloric intake is balanced and you’re getting to eat a little bit of everything.

Keeping Skin Moist and Airy

If you’ve ever had a chance to look at the surface of skin from a microscope or a magnifying glass, you’ll see that it’s not one smooth plane. It has craggles, hills, bumps and most importantly: pores. These pores are responsible for keeping the skin hydrated and give it enough air and keeping it strong.

This is why it’s so important to keep the pores cleaned out and empty, to make sure that the skin gets enough air. There’s a wide variety of ways to get the skin cleansed and the pores emptied out of all the gunk that builds up over time. Anything from deep cleansing masks, to specialized skin care products can clean out the pores, which in turn keeps the skin healthier.

It’s easy to forget about the pores and that they need to be cleaned out regularly, but it’s really important to make it a habit. The last thing you want is having all kinds of dirt and gunk settle down on your skin and not wash off. Keeping it clean means that it’ll stay strong regardless of what you put your skin through.

So regardless of what method you utilize, remember to keep the skin cleansed and the pores as open as possible and your skin will get all the oxygen and moisture it needs.

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