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Get Your Holiday Face Ready

holiday face

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Almost. And everyone is putting up decorations, getting out their holiday sweaters, greasing up their credit cards for an ungodly amount of purchases and preparing letters for distant relives they don’t care about. What a time! But as fun as it might be decorating you home, there are also other things you should decorate for the holidays to look your absolute best when you receive your disappointing presents. Your face.

Now, obviously, I’m not talking about wrapping yourself in Christmas tree light or hanging ornaments from your ears. I’m talking about decorating your beauty, so you can be as bright and lovely as your house. Or your neighbor’s house, if they put up better decorations than you do.

But what should you do for the holidays? What are some quick and easy fixes to that frozen face of yours, that will be ready in time for the holidays? Well, there are a few things you could do, which will help you look your absolute best for meeting those family members and friends and compare presents… I mean give presents.

Simple Care

I think I’ve said this many times before, but it honestly is the best way to take care of your beauty needs, without putting too much effort and taking too much time from your already busy schedule. Think of it as maintenance.

Depending on your skin, you should be using different creams to give your face more suppleness, make it fresher and also keep it protected from the cold winter air as well as other things that may cause potential harm to the skin, such as rain, dirty city air and so on.

Obviously, this is a very simple solution, as well as protection for your skin, to keep it looking young. Hardly any effort is required and all you really have to do is remember to use it and make find the right kind of cream to use.


But before you can really do anything, you should probably clean your skin. And not just clean it, but cleanse it. Cleansing it basically means cleaning it, but it sounds cooler. Anyway, your pores get all dirty from all that nasty city air, and it’s a wise decision to have them cleansed once in a while.

Cleansing allows your face to take a breath from all the grime that accumulates from days of being bombarded with all those smoke and fumes. Cleansing is generally done in different ways. Some people prefer going to saunas and sweating the whole thing out. Some people use special creams and masks, or take baths in questionable liquids.

Either way, whatever works for you, you should still do it at least once in a while. However, with the holidays on the way, you may want to greet it with healthy, clean skin, washed away of all the nastiness of the previous year. Yeah, isn’t that sentimentality just great?

Cleansing masks are especially a great idea, as they take very little time, are low skill based, meaning pretty much anyone is able to work them, and best of all, they require very little maintenance after the skin care is done. You just put on the mask, stay at home, scare the cat, and the next day your skin is clean, empty of all the nasty weight that the dirt had.

While you should consider doing this on a regular basis, do understand, that it is still a good idea to do it before the holidays.

A Bit of a Lifter-Upper

Yeah, so what if you want something a little more this holiday season? Perhaps you’ve been nice all year long and believe that Santa can give you a better gift this year. Now sure, taking care of your skin with little to no maintenance is great, keeping it clean and protected and whatnot, but what if you want and need something more than simple cleanness.

What if for this holiday season, you want to look younger, fresher. Well, there is something, that takes a little more effort than the things I mentioned before, but it will give you amazing results. In fact, if you act now, the results of this particular procedure will arrive right in time for the holidays and all your friends and family to see.

Botox is nothing more than just a little injection into certain parts of your face. If you’re annoyed by those pesky wrinkles, uneven skin, other age marks and scars, this is the right procedure for you. It smooths out the skin, making it look absolutely fresh. And best of all, it looks very natural.

So, if this holiday season, you don’t want to look all saggy and tired, to consider signing up for an appointment and seeing for yourself what the procedure can do for you. History has shown that most people were not disappointed, and in fact, have been awestruck by the amazing performance and results following the procedure. So, all that’s left for you to do, is try it for yourself.

But again, make sure to do it as soon as possible to give enough time for the effects of the procedure to kick in. You don’t have much time left.

Don’t Wait

Yeah, if you’re anything like me, you probably procrastinate any chance you get. But trust me when I say this is the one thing you don’t want to procrastinate and forget to do. Holidays are always important, since you want to be your best for your colleagues, friends, and most importantly, the people you love (who may also be your friends and colleagues, who am I to judge).

But either way, make sure to take care of yourself this holiday season and make sure that you do not wait too long to sign up for appointments for any kind of beauty treatments you’ve signed up for.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for sure, but make sure you look like you’re having a wonderful time, even if the eggnog isn’t strong enough.

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