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A Little Fixer-Upper

A Little Fixer-Upper microneedling

What was that? You’re a very busy person living in one of the most urban areas of the world? You don’t have much time to do anything, not even looking after yourself? You feel bad that you’re letting yourself go because of all the work? (As you can see, I have very good hearing and memory.)

Well in that case, I can recommend you something that is not very time consuming, yields amazing results, is very efficient, safe, and most importantly, great for its price. The effect it will have on your skin will be absolutely amazing, as it freshens up in a matter of days after the procedure. And best of all: it’s all natural.

“What is this sorcery you speak off?” you may be asking right now. Well, it’s not sorcery, it nothing complicated, and no it does not involve magic, stop asking that. It’s a very simply, quick and easy procedure called “microneedling”.

It’s something you’ve probably heard of, as I alone have mentioned it several times in previous posts. Let’s just say, I’m quite confident in the abilities of this little procedure, and I can firmly assure you, if you are interested in trying it, you won’t be disappointed.

Micro? What?

Yeah, that’s right. That’s its name. A simple name, whose logical connection you will understand once you know a little more about it. But before we move on to that, let me give you a little pitch.

Do you have a tattoo? Well, even if you don’t, you probably know someone that does. (And if you don’t know anyone, well that’s too bad, then.) If you touch the skin under the tattoo, you will notice how the skin is a little different from the rest around in.

More specifically, it’s much smoother, softer and just feels fresh. Most people seem to wander past that realization, but doctors didn’t. In fact, doctors studied why this happens. And the answer is quite simple. Regeneration.

You see, our body has this amazing ability to regenerate damaged areas. That’s the reason why when you get a cut, you don’t bleed out. Your skin passively regenerates the cells that were damaged, replacing them with new, fresh skin cells.

Doctors noticed that this is what happened in the areas where the tattoo needle had pierced the skin, and they devised a way, that they could use this for beauty and health.

And that’s exactly what it is: it’s pretty much getting a tattoo, without any ink. In fact, they actually have a second name for this procedure: dry tattooing.

But where a tattoo needle works in a very specific area of the skin (unless you have a full body tattoo,) micro-needling goes across large stretches of skin and covers more ground.

Just Tell Me How it Works

So again, imagine a bunch of needles going through our skin. Does that sound scary? It should, but it actually isn’t.

First of all, the needles are tiny; you’ll hardly feel them when they’re gliding across. Secondly, if you’ve ever gotten a tattoo, you’ll know that it’s relatively painless, and just feels like a bee sting, and maybe even less than that. It doesn’t really sting, it just feels weird, like getting lightly shocked.

Either way, if you are still fearful about pain, do understand that doctors have a special cream, which numbs that particular part of your skin, further reducing any sensations.

The time it takes to do the procedure is normally around 20-30 minutes, depending on the area of skin where you are getting the micro-needling and how big that area is. The procedure simply involves a specialist using either a rolling tool, or a pen.

While the roller, which works like a roller paint brush, covers more ground, it’s generally less accurate. Whereas the pen is specially designed to hand more specific areas, with greater precision.

But regardless of the tool, both get the job done fairly quickly. The needles, again, are quite tiny, so they don’t really pierce your skin far. They are generally 1 or even 0.5 millimeters, which is incredibly tiny. So you can imagine how absolutely painless they are, even without numbing cream.

But Then What Happens?

Then what happens? Results, what else? You get results, and fairly quickly as well. The tiny holes that the tool makes is big enough to pierce the skin, but still small enough that it only makes a tiny hole, which the skin has little to no trouble regenerating. In fact, there’s hardly any blood either, as the skin regenerates before it can come out.

Once the procedure is done, you will be asked to avoid the cold and heat, such as saunas, for a few days, no more than 4. Additionally, you will need to avoid putting on make-up on the areas which have had done.

And that’s pretty much it. Then you wait for a week for the skin to regenerate and you’re done. There are a few side-effects, like a little itching, redness and swelling, but they’re relatively small, and go away very quickly. So the procedure is incredibly safe.

But to put the cherry on top of all of this, the results are visible very quickly. The skin regenerates the tiny holes and fills them with fresh skin cells, which are young, strong and smooth, leaving you with a vibrant and lively face.

And the absolute best, even better than the cherry, on top of all of this, is that you use your body’s very own functions. There are no special creams needed to help the skin regenerate, no extra procedures. Your body simply generates new skin cells and that’s it. No extra effort required.

The procedure takes less than an hour, the recovery time is in less than a week, and the procedures requires no further maintenance, other than the normal love and care that you give to your skin.

So make sure to book your appointment for a quick and easy skin care treatment, that will leave you satisfied, and your schedule unbothered.

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