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6 Reasons Why Cheap treatment is a No-No!


Summer, AKA Bikini season is just around the corner, and with the pool parties, beach outings and social gatherings you’ve got lined up for the season, its finally time to show off that your peng body. Sadly, there’s only one thing in the way of your show off – the lines and wrinkles that you woke up to this morning. There is a possible solution, but then a girl has to pinch her pennies these days. Surely, there has to be more affordable solutions somewhere if you looked?

While frugality can be very good for your wallet and credit card, being tight-pursed about beauty, appearance and cosmetic goals can be very expensive. Almost certainly, if you looked, you will find one or two great deals that almost guarantee the perfect treatment on a cheap but cosmetic and deals that usually sound like a bargain often turn out to be botched experiences at the end of the day. If you’ve been considering some DIY injection or the doctor down the block with the big moustache and tattooed secretary, here are 6 reasons why heading back to a professional cosmetic centre and spa is your best option.

1. Lack of education and experience

While only decent training is required to provide treatments and injections, extensive and in-depth knowledge of the practice is required to provide results that are at satisfactory levels with utmost safety and precautions. The lack of experience on the part of many quarks is one of the biggest concerns in the line of treatment and as such you will do better for yourself and your face to seek out a professional and licensed cosmetic expert.Girl Thinking About No No

2. Substandard dozes and dilutions

Cheaper doses of it may actually translate to lesser quality for you and more volume for the doctors. This is because you stand a chance of being administered a substandard dose that has been over-diluted. This also consequently means that you will not get the full strength of the treatment while you have shared your dose with 2 or 3 extra people courtesy of the cheap spa chief diluter. As expected the results will not be great and you will find yourself requiring another treatment sooner than due.

3. DIY kits are non-FDA approved

Although DIY is a well to boost creativity and be industrious, when it comes to injections, fillers and cosmetics, you’d better leave it to the experts. Also, what most people do not realise is that most vials and doses purchased online in DIY kits are devoid of any form of FDA approval as they have not been tested by appropriate agencies and have no enforced safety measures. This is in stark contrast to the doses administered by registered and licensed professionals. DIY kits also require some type of preparation and do not arrive as ready-to-inject. Do you really think you should be mixing a neuroTOXIN, much more one that you’ll be injecting into your body without any experience?

4. You’re not assured of a fresh box

Unlike what is the case with professionals, you put yourself at risk of being treated with stale, expired or inactive equipment and tools, when you opt for an outrageously cheap service. The key here is to think, if the prevalent price for treatments are $100 for instance, how does a practitioner who does shots for $30 or $50 cover the rest of the cost?

5. Frozen, botched and disfigured

A professional plastic surgeon ensures that your job is done right and delivered to perfection while ensuring total safety. Since the essence of a job is to look better walking out than when you walked in, you shouldn’t ever take the risk of a botched job at the hands of an unprofessional and cheap Spa centre. Sometimes, it’s not even the technique in injection alone, it’s the wrong volume, effects of bad, expired or diluted vials and inexperience. Ultimately, you want to avoid treatments that leave you looking obviously treated, swollen, red and disfigured for days.

Wrap up

As at today, it remains one of the most affordable beauty solutions when compared to other surgical methods. Patients should be alarmed at getting treatment for less than the unit price and should see it as a red flag rather than a steal. There is a remarkable 90%+ success rate with all procedures, however, there is still a <10% failure and dissatisfaction ratio that is primarily blamed on the inexperience of the specialist, use of bad this products and overly cheap services. There are also many problems that can arise from inexpensive treatment solutions that can range from poor results, disfigured appearance to permanent nerve damage.

Whenever you seek out a cosmetic treatment, you’re paying for quality services that is not limited to injecting just anything into your face. Rather, you’re paying for the equipment used, the experience, skill, training and education of the professional. When you consider the cost of these devices and the cost of legitimate and authentic injections, you can have an understanding of the price charged per service and why some offers are very much beyond reasonably cheap. Instead of seeking out a cheap service, you’re better off with your face intact till you have enough in the purse.

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