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For many years, people all across the globe have been struggling to accept the very simple truth of ageing. The reason this issue has causes so much grief is because men and women in every corner of the world at some point in their lives failed to recognize their reflection in the mirror. Yes, one day or another, it dawns on all of us that we have lost our once perfect looks. But what is it that specifically indicates that we’ve aged?

Well, it’s no news that the most annoying thing about ageing are the so-called facial lines that appear all over our faces. These are called wrinkles and they annoy everybody a great deal. Wrinkles appear for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is sunlight we get exposed to, another could be smoking. Whatever the reason is, the matter of the fact is that nobody likes them. Reasons? Simple: wrinkles easily reveal to everyone around us that we are no longer young.

However, the question we need to be asking ourselves is this: does it make any sense to cry over the fact that at some point in our lives we’ll all have to deal with those facial alternations. The answer is probably a no as there are at least two ways we all could deal with wrinkles. The first way is more preventative while the second one is through special treatments. So let’s take a second and delve into these.


This is a bit harder than the second way of dealing with wrinkles in that it requires great attention to ensure that wrinkles appear as later in your life as possible. As it was mentioned before there are many reasons for wrinkles to appear. We’ll look into the most common ones.

It’s not surprising that smoking is a very bad habit that should be given up. But not everyone knows that smoking creates many of those nasty facial lines. The most evident ones are called smoker’s lines. These are the facial lines that appear around the lips of those who smoke. The reason is simple: the lips move forward every time the smoker inhales, deforming the area around the lips. Apart from this, smoking affects the skin overall, making it much drier than it should be. So if you don’t want to have wrinkles early in your life, you should definitely forget about smoking!

Alcohol consumption is another main reason for the formation of wrinkles. The reason why alcohol is responsible for the appearance of facial lines in the way it affect our bodies. Alcohol dehydrates those who consume it. Dehydration in turn leads to dry skin and dry skin to formation of facial lines.  Next time you decide to get a drink with your friends, give it another thought!


If the prospects of having to look after yourself are not good enough or if you have already faced wrinkles, you might want to think of some possible treatments that are available on the market. The fact is that science progressed tremendously. It has taken care of wrinkles, allowing for unprecedented treatments that are extremely effective.

Just one example of such treatments is a minimally invasive procedure called Botox, which is an injection of a toxin that works in a very subtle way. What it does is it freezes the muscles responsible for forming wrinkles on one’s face. This treatment does not anyhow disperse in one’s body, which makes it very safe. Additionally, the most respected public health organization in the United States – Food and Drug Administration – deemed this beauty treatment safe back in 2002.

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