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Skin Care Tips for Acne

Skin Care Tips for Acne

Skin requires constant care. Regardless of your age, where you live, what you do, what kind of skin you have, our skins are constantly working and under a lot of stress. When the stress overcomes your skin’s natural defense mechanisms, things just don’t go the way we want them to. And sometimes, genetics also get in the way, with tiny problems that accumulate into something much larger and far more bothersome.

Summer has its own set of steps when it comes to taking care of skin in summer, as do all the other seasons. Where you live also plays a major role in how you should look after your skin, follow useful skin care tips regardless of the fact whether it’s in the rural countryside, or a big, urban environment. But what about something that’s out of your control, like acne, which just so happens to be one of the biggest skin care problems in the world. How does one take care of something that is completely out of their control?

Well, many dermatologists and experts do have some steps which can help you reduce the effects of acne and ensure that no scars, pigmentations or spots are left.

By following skin care tips for acne, you can ensure that acne doesn’t leave a bigger mark on your skin than it has to.

Clean and Moist

I’ve put these two tips into a nice combination as they are quite correlated. Regardless of where you live, skin moisture is still something you should be constantly wary of. I mean, can you survive without drinking water? Probably not. In fact nothing can. Water is just THAT important.

And you skin is quite similar to the rest of your body. It needs a little sunlight, it needs air and of course, moisture. So, keeping it moist is as important as keeping it clean. With more moisture in its layers, the skin can perform its duties much more easily and can remain healthy and strong for a longer period of time.

Speaking of clean; if you keep it moist, chances are you’re also keeping it clean. Again, it’s not rocket science or quantum physics. It’s really just as simple as keeping it under a clean regimine. Since the pores need to be open in order to breathe, by cleaning the skin, you’re allowing it to breathe more air and stay healthier.

So, keeping the skin clean by washing it will not only guarantee that it retains its moisture, but it will also soak up more air.

This is literally the definition of “win-win” and it basically just requires you to wash yourself. It’s simple and it’s the best place to start.

Don’t be too rough

Sometimes your caveman instincts kick in and you think that handling pimples with brute force is the most primitive and effective way to go. And while it’s good to give the skin a good scrub to clean our all that gunk hiding in the pores, remember to not overdo it.

When you often scrub hard or exfoliate the skin using masks, keep in mind that you’re not only pulling out gunk and dirt, but healthy skin cells as well, especially around the pimple.

Again, it may seem like pulling all the bad stuff out simply makes sense, there are still many things that you’re losing with this action. And as a result, because you pull out the perfectly healthy skin cells along with the unhealthy ones, you’re causing excess irritation to the skin and making it harder for your skin to properly regenerate.

So if you like to scrub hard or if you life skin cleansing with masks, go for it. Just don’t overdo it. Try to limit your tough-love and let your skin breathe a little easy once in a while.

Keep everything clean

A good way to limit the spread of unwanted skin conditions is to basically be a little bit of a germaphobe. Now I don’t mean wrap everything in your house with plastic and shake people’s hands with surgical gloves on.

No, just identify the things in your daily life that could possibly cause more dirt and gunk to accumulate and figure out how to work around it. For example, your pillowcase holds one of your favorite possessions inside of it. The pillow. It’s so nice and soft and comfortable. But the pillowcase, aside from holding this fluffy piece of heaven, may also hold a lot of gunk from your face that may have accumulated in the fabric.

So a good way around it is to change the pillowcase as often as possible. Again, this doesn’t mean wrapping your pillow in plastic and putting surgical disinfectant on it before going to sleep. Just pay a little more attention to it than you normally would.

Other similar objects that may be spreading skin conditions like acne are face towel, maybe a scarf if you wrap it around your face, and even your headphones, if you throw it everywhere around the house or exercise with it. Just imagine how much dirt it has on its surface and how much of that dirt is constantly in contact with your skin.

Don’t get too paranoid about these things; just pay a little more attention to them and keep them cleaned on a regular basis.

Direct Action

If you’re a person of direct action and you like being more reactive than proactive, you could try washing your face with cold water. Cold generally is quite efficient at reducing swelling and redness.

So if you want to do something about that acne and as quickly as possible, try washing your face with cold water, or even with ice and cold compression pillows. Those have shown to be quite effective at reducing the swelling of acne spots and making them less visible.

Do more by doing less (of some things)

This tip doesn’t mean you should get lazier. No, it just simply means avoid doing certain things, or at least, too much of certain things.

If you like to put a lot of makeup on, try putting on less of it or at least no so often. Makeup basically adds another layer to your skin and makes it harder for it to absorb air and other nutrients. The more often you put it on and the more of it you use, you’re pretty much keeping it from breathing and activating its healing abilities.

Also, stop touching your face. It’s fun to touch your face, I know, but just don’t. Your fingers soak up so much stuff you don’t know or don’t want to know about, so it’s better that you just avoid touching your face as much as possible.

Just a little friendly reminder and nothing else.

It’s the smallest things

…That make the biggest difference. Now these tips may not instantaneously fix the acne, and yes, there exist different products and technology that can help you with that.

But if you want to keep the skin healthy and stop more acne from spreading, these are the most fundamental steps you should be following. If you don’t follow these steps and simply use the products to fight acne, your simply going to put yourself in an infinite loop of fighting acne, only to constantly see it return.

If you do at the very least take these minor steps, you’ll make your battle against acne that much more effective.

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