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Skin Care Tips for the Big City

skin care tips

Skin is the first line of defense against all kinds of nasties that float around in the air. And it’s a very powerful defender too, as it not only protects, but also regenerates when damaged. The perfect self-reliant defense system against the many particles floating through the air.

Which is why taking care of your skin is so important for ensuring your own safety and health. Keeping it clean of any grime can only help boost its defenses and help your skin do its job of protecting your body. But skin care is different in different parts of the world. In colder areas, you have to watch out for cold exposure. In hotter climates, the Sun can have some negative effects on your skin. But regardless of the climate, the dirtiest air can be found in big cities, such as NYC. Which is why skin care tips for big cities, like NYC, may vary from rural or countryside. There are a lot more things to consider.

Skin Care Tips for Those Who Live in New York City.

Keep it clean

Skin care in New York can be particularly difficult, as it’s a big city, with active, bustling life. With the millions of people that live in the city, it only means that there is even more waste, which in turn means there’s even more dirt. With the millions of cars, the big factories producing smog and all the other air pollution that exists in NYC, you can imagine how dirty the surface of your skin can get by simply being exposed to NYC air.

So, keeping the surface clean is pretty much the first step in ensuring your skin’s health and strength.

And I believe this, above all other skin care tips, one speaks for itself. Yes, the easiest and most efficient way of keeping your skin healthy and strong is through regular washing.

From washing your hands, to frequent showers, nothing helps skin better than to remove any kind of nasties that may have settled on your skin through the city air. Now, keep in mind, this doesn’t mean you should become paranoid and wash your hands every time you open a window. Just remember to do it as often as you can so that the “fresh” NYC air doesn’t leave too much of its “freshness” on your skin.

Keep it moist

Cleaning is good. Cleaning is very good. It’s a great place to start your skin care from, as you’re pretty much handling the most basic and fundamental task of any skin care tips. But dry, flaky skin is weak skin. You don’t want that constant shedding and tearing of skin. To counter this, remember to keep it moist.

In fact, keeping it moist should be your top-most priority in seasons like winter and summer, when the temperatures are at an extreme, either too hot or too cold. Nothing damages it more than being exposed to those to. By staying moist, your skin is able to combat the negative effects that the climate may have and can avoid unnecessary flaking, drying and cracking.

Now moist can mean a lot of things. And your skin needs water. So the constant hydration of the skin through cleaning is imperative. Just like watering a plant, your skin should have enough water to stay hydrated and stay strong.

Cleanse it

Now, cleaning and cleansing is only a one letter difference. In fact, for a long time, I thought they pretty much meant the same thing, except the latter was fancier. But there is quite a difference between the two.

If cleaning means to rid your skin of any surface dirt and grime, then cleansing is the heavy duty version of that. You skin isn’t just a smooth, solid surface. It has tiny holes and trenches which help it breathe. But these trenches are prone to getting all clogged up with the nasty city dirt that flies around in the air. And not only does it make your skin dirty, but if not cleaned often, it can even be visible.

So, to get a deeper cleansing of your skin, you may need other forms of skin care. Generally, masks and other specialized creams are used to clean out the pores, to get that deeper cleaning action. These masks can be applied yourself, or if you have the time, you can have a professional do it at a spa.

But regardless, the cleansing should be a very important part of your skin care discipline, as it is the most effective way of taking care of that harder to reach dirt. And best of all, by cleaning out the pores, your skin will be allowed to breathe even better than before, becoming more resilient and healthier.

Antioxidants to the rescue

Antioxidants is another word you’ll probably need to add to the list of words you have trouble pronouncing. But it is a very important tool for taking care of skin from oxidants. If you don’t know what those are, then you’re not the only one. But I’ll give you a short synopsis of what they do.

Basically, when they come in contact with your skin, they cause a chain reaction, which can potentially cause damage to your skin cells. And since we want to avoid pretty much any kind of damage to pretty much any cells, we must then make sure that we keep as little contact with oxidants as possible.

So, if you buy skin care products, try to buy those which incorporate antioxidants into their compounds, to help with additional protection against the weird stuff in the air. Antioxidant utilizing products are an efficient tool for skin care in New York and while they may cost a little more than other, more standard skin care products, they are most certainly worth it for the added protection.

Let it breathe

You know how I previously said that the skin has pores, which help it breathe. Well, dirt is not the only thing that can get into the pores and start blocking out the air from entering it. If you’re a compulsive make-up-er (I just made that word up), then try giving the make-up a little rest once in a while.

Give your skin some freshness, even if it’s not as fresh. Let it have its breathe, give it some time to live without being covered in make-up. You will see the results of these little vacations, as your skin gets its little dosages of air, while it is under so much strain.

Get into the habit.

These are just mere skin care tips, but what makes them most effective is getting into the habit of doing them. While all the skin care tips above provide you with ways you can help keep your skin clean and healthy, the most important part about following those steps it do it habitually, meaning as often as possible.

Make it a habit for yourself to constantly keep it clean, moist and once in a while go for a professional skin cleansing. By following the tips, you can keep your skin clean for some time. But if you make this a habit, you’ll have healthy skin your whole life, even living in a dirty city.

So, skin care in New York is not impossible, it simply takes the right tool, knowledge and most importantly: dedication.


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