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Keeping Clean in a Rainy Season

skin care in a rainy season

Winter is now officially over, and has been for several weeks. You can be proud of the fact that you got through it in one piece and didn’t end up freezing in the streets. But just because winter is over, doesn’t mean that there aren’t other dangers to you skin. In fact, spring, as much as we may think of it as a month of new life and blossoming, can bring a lot of nasty things with it, which you should look out for.

In most places around the world, it has already started raining, there’s mud everyone and even a little snow left over from last month. And if you though that the snow, ice and slush could bring some nasties with it, you can be sure that this season will too. And as with any other weather, you need to know how to take care of your skin in rainy and muddy weather just as much as in the winter frost and summer heat.

Simple Routines

Most of the stuff you do to take care of your skin you’re probably already aware of and it’s probably in your daily routine. Washing up frequently is always a plus, avoiding nasty dirt and gunk is also a great plus for ensuring cleaner skin. But then there’s rain, which many don’t believe can have bad effects on your skin, but it most certainly does.

If you live in the city, then you’ve probably felt the nastiness in the air. Many people love the city air, it’s something so familiar nowadays that it’s impossible not to. But it’s not the kind of air you want to be breathing for long or the kind of air that produces good chemicals. So rain, in bigger cities tends to contain a lot of weird chemicals that could have some bad effects on the surface of the skin. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean you should move out of the city and move to a countryside to avoid the rain, but it is good to be away of the damage it may cause in the long run.

So, constantly keeping track of hygiene and cleanliness is always a good idea, and it can help you get rid of all that gunk and dirt leftover after a long storm. Remember, when you wash yourself, you’re not just doing it out of simple routine of hygiene, but you’re also actively making your skin healthier and stronger.

Just remember to wash your face if you stay under rain, even if for a little bit. You can never know what dirty nasties may be hiding in rainwater if you live in an urban zone. But again, there’s really no reason to panic, as it’s not really dangerous. It’s just a little unnerving to know that your skin might be dirty. So a little washing up even after a light drizzle could keep you skin protected from these unknown chemicals.

Doing a Little More

But washing yourself can only go so far. And it can keep you clean only for so long. You need to take into account that the skin isn’t just a smooth surface, as much as it may feel like it. There are teeny-tiny holes called pores on the skin, which help it breathe, as well as properly hydrate itself.

While these pores are for our benefit, they are very vulnerable to getting filled up with a whole bunch of nasty city air and leftover chemicals from rain. Which is why, regardless of how hygienically aware you may be, at some point, the pores are going to fill up to the point where they reach the actual surface of the skin.

But cleaning these pores requires certain facial care treatments, but they’re not all that serious. Simple cleansing with a mask could work, as it pulls out anything nasty that may be hiding in them. These don’t really take too long and just require a little downtime which lasts a few hours, as well as avoiding any dirty air afterwards. But at least you know that the surface of your skin is clean for the time being.

Make sure to do these from time to time and there’s really no point in overdoing it with a mask on a daily basis. Just remember to do it as often as you feel like your skin could be cleaner.

All the Benefits of Spring

But don’t let this talk of dirty rainwater and city air ruin the season entirely. Spring is still, regardless of any dirtiness that it may bring, a wholly good place to start living healthy. With all the new life blossoming and the green growing all around, you can take advantage of this amazing season and start your healthy lifestyle and self-care anew.
Take advantage of the newly grown organic food, that doesn’t come from greenhouses or come with artificially injected chemicals. Use the season as a clean slate to start working on yourself, mentally and physically, to make sure you reach the results that you’ve set out for yourself this year.
Enjoy the clean spring air, which was disinfected by the recent freezing winter. If you live in the city, it would be an excellent idea to leave it once in a while to go somewhere with a lot of nature and freshness, where your body can breathe in natural surroundings.
But spring has just started and a lot of rainy weather and cloudy skies are still on the way, so make sure you take proper care of yourself, to be ready for the summer. If you’re still feeling a little cold, don’t take chances and dress warmly.
And most importantly, don’t let the rain get your down. It’s still fun to walk around in the rain, but it’s just as fun to know that your skin is clean and healthy, ready for the hot months of the coming summer.

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