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It’s Heating Up

Heating Up Flowers

So it seems as though you survived the hash months of the winter and look as if you’re prepared to go into rainy season. Yes, the snow is almost gone; the cold winds are almost gone too and you can no longer freeze things outside and make a viral video out of them. But hey, at least spring is almost here.

And what better way to greet it than to take advantage of all the comforts it brings us. The warm weather, the beautiful scenery, new life and all that green. But with all the great things about spring, there are also a few things you should definitely look out for, since they may have negative effects on your body, more specifically skin.

The Cold

Do you know why fall and spring are the two most dangerous seasons of the year? Because people tend to underestimate them or don’t take the weather seriously. You see that it’s sunny and you know it’s spring, so you automatically assume that it’s going to be nice, sunny weather outside and you can go out, prancing around in summer clothes. Well, that’s not the case most of the time.

While nowhere near as cold as winter, spring can still be pretty chilly in its first two months. Underestimating its cold could lead to some possible health risks.

Now that winter is over, everyone wants to jump into their summer clothing, like shorts and sleeveless shirts. And they fail to remember that the cold is one of the most dangerous enemies of bare skin. If the surface of your skin comes into contact with too much cold, it could lead to several bad things in the near future.

The most common one is dryness. Basically, if you’ve ever had chapped lips, where the skin seems to peel off, well it’s something like that with the other parts of the body if you don’t protect it enough. To make sure your skin doesn’t go dry, the easiest thing to do is to cover yourself. Now, this doesn’t mean put on several layers of fur coats and sweaters, but it does mean ensuring that as little of your skin is exposed to the cold air as possible.

You don’t want to wake up in the morning feeling flaky skin and peeling it away like bandages. So make sure to cover up. And as extra protection, try using special moisturizers to keep the skin moist and hydrated, further protecting it from the cold air. And hey, if you still insist on wearing summer clothing, since you want people to pay attention to the crazy person walking down the street wearing shorts in the beginning of March, you could try wearing special creams which protect the skin from the cold.

So, don’t underestimate the weather, don’t try convincing yourself that it’s already summer and be a little more responsible with how you dress.

Some Extra Sun

But now that we can see the Sun in the sky more often, there are some benefits to this. First of all, the Sun is the best way of treating your skin to vitamins, specifically vitamin D. It’s the most natural way of absorbing it and all you need to do is expose your skin to sunlight. I’m sure after three months of darkness, this is a welcome idea for you.

Try to keep your home as sunny as possible to make sure you get as much exposure as possible, and hey, it also saves money on lighting and heating.

But as with anything in life, overdoing it can cause problems. Don’t be fooled by the Sun’s tender rays. They may not be as scorching as in the summer (you still have a few months before that), but they can still cause some skin damage if you’re exposed to it for too long. Now in the first month and a half of spring, it’s probably not that bad, but later on, in mid spring and especially late, you’re going to have to avoid too much exposure.

Too much exposure could lead to dryness and even a sunburn, which is always a nasty thing. Wearing sunscreen can help, but no one likes using too much of that stuff, and plus. It can also have its bad effects. So, just try to get some Sun, but do it responsibly and don’t fry yourself on the balcony. And if you’re going to do it, now’s a good time to start, since the Sun isn’t really all that scorching yet (again, give it a few more months and see how much you miss the snow).

A Healthy Season

Spring, in general is a very healthy season and is a perfect time for you to start focusing on your health. While looking after your skin is great and all that, you should look at some other ways of improving your health, both physical and mental.

Now that your shoes don’t freeze to the asphalt, you can go out for walks, get some fresh and a bit of sunlight. You can start eating healthy, since now you can find fresh fruits and vegetables that don’t come from a greenhouse. And with all the blooming life, you can also do something to help your mind, like reading a new book or pick up a new activity that you’ve been interested in trying for some time.

One way or another, spring is a wonderful season and opens many doors to a healthier lifestyle. Make sure to take advantage of all of its benefits and try avoiding all the discomforts. But taking care of yourself, regardless of what season it may be, requires effort, so be sure you’re prepared to work hard for yourself.

And again, please don’t wear summer clothes yet. You’re just asking for trouble.

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