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Fuller Lips, Fuller Life

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So, a little birdie told me, that you really like your face. That’s good; everyone should love themselves for how they look, as we all have our own version of beauty. But you feel like there are some things that can make you look more like yourself? Well, of course you do. We all feel incomplete in some way. There’s nothing wrong with that; that just life (listen to me getting all philosophical). But lazy philosophy aside, if you want to look like the way you think you should truly look, then you’re in luck, as you live in the modern world of technological wonders. And it just so happens, that a bunch of really smart people have just the thing to make you feel more like yourself.

Now, there are a vast array of facial augmentations, which we call plastic surgery, that changes how our face looks. They vary in the effect on they have, and you can find them for different parts of your face. However, if you are in need of a little boost to your lips, then boy are going to be happy about this.

lip filler history

A Very Long History

First, you must be wondering, “What are lip fillers?”. Well, they are exactly what their name implies; they’re procedures that make your lips looks larger. Nowadays, most lip fillers are made of bovine collagen. You may have heard about silicon lips, however, because of the potential dangers that were found with using silicone as fillers, that has now become obsolete. You’ll actually be interested to know that lip fillers are actually an ancient form of facial augmentation. Ancient tribes would actually pierce their lips and insert bones to make their lips fuller, to attract a partner for the “you-know-what”. So, believe it or not, but the first plastic surgeons lived in ancient tribes and wore no clothes (kind of like today’s plastic surgeons (no just kidding)).

Nowadays, there are far safer lip fillers, most popular of which are Juvederm and Restylane, both of which are both made from natural ingredients found in your very own body. So, you never have to worry about some weird chemicals going your body. And best of all, you’ll have no allergic reactions, because hey; it comes from your own body, and if there’s anything you can trust, it’s your own body.

The Scary Procedure

The procedure itself is fairly simple to understand. This being an injectable augmentation, means that the procedure will be done by a specialized doctor, who knows where to inject the lip fillers, in what areas, and how. Now, if you’re scared of needles, you may be somewhat put off by the thought of having a needle pierce your face, but you can rest easy knowing that doctors are not heartless monsters and they provide you with a numbing cream, which means you’ll pretty much feel nothing at all. So there you go, no need to worry about any pain or any discomfort. The procedure itself lasts for around an hour, as doctors inject the filler into your face, and apply numbing cream, giving your skin time to smooth itself out.

“OK, I see that the procedure is not painful, but what does it exactly do?” Well, as the name implies, it makes your lips look much more full and supple. The fillers help to smooth out any bumps and lumps that may be around the lips. But aside from them looking much healthier and fuller, the benefit of modern lip filling procedures, is that you can actually control exactly how much filler you want. If you feel as though you don’t want too much filler, you can certainly ask for less. If you want more, well, you can get more. It’s all part of the procedure to gradually inject filler into your lips until you have achieved your desired results. In other words, you will look exactly the way you want to look, without having to worry about not getting what you want. Gradually, as you receive more injections, you will see your lips shape into what you desire them to look like. It’s just a matter of tie and dedication. And also a lot of injection.

Is It Dangerous?

Look, as I said previously, with the miracle of modern technology and medicine, there’s very little to worry about when it comes to modern lip fillings. As previously stated, you can never have an allergic reaction, since the stuff comes from your own body. If you do experience a side-effect, it will probably something very small and not very dangerous. The benefit of modern lip fillers, is that they have a significantly smaller chance of leaving bruises, but this does very rarely happen in certain cases. Also, as with most facial augmentations, you will experience redness and swelling in the areas of the injection for a short period of time after receiving the injection. Besides that, the more serious dangers mostly come from the procedure itself, such as infections, lumps and asymmetry, but this mostly depends on how good the doctor is and how strong his expertise in the field is.

Try It for Yourself

So, listen, if you’re interested in trying lip filler for yourself, do make sure to book an appointment after consulting your doctor (always remember to do that). Miracle Face Med Spa actually has an unprecedented deal for new customers, where first time clients can get a lip filler injection for only $499. Normally, most lip filler injections cost much more than that, so make sure to sign up for an appointment as soon as possible if you’re interested. Miracle Face Med Spa employs an incredibly professional team of doctors, with very powerful modern technology at their disposal. The lip injection itself is Juvederm Ultra, one of the most popular and most reliable fillers today. So, if you’ve always wanted to make a little change, but one that would have a great effect both on yourself and the people around you, do try lip fillers. They’re reliable, safe, and very effective.

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