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3 Must-Try, Will-Love Procedures

3 Must-Try facial treatments

Hey, I hear you like injections? What, you don’t? They’re still scary? No, common, don’t be that way. Sure, the procedures sound scary; I mean, who enjoys having needles stuck into their face? While there are probably some very interesting people that do, I would wager to say that most of you probably don’t enjoy it. But why do you still do it? Perhaps it’s because of the countless benefits and remarkable results that many injectable procedures have to offer, or perhaps it’s for their efficiency. Some people will simply avoid injections because they may be afraid of needles. That, I honestly cannot help you with. I can only say “Hey, they’re just needles, who cares,” but I wouldn’t exactly call that therapy. But for those of you that are brave enough to take one for the team, well, I can recommend a few injection-based facial augmentations that you can find very useful.

Now, summer is gone, and as much as we’ll miss the Sun and not having to wear layers of clothing just to keep ourselves alive, this does not mean that it is not the season to get yourself all spruced up. Keep in mind, a lot of these procedures take some amount of time to show effect, so it doesn’t really matter what season it is. One way or another, even if you start now, you will be ready for the next summer, which is a whole 9 months away.

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Have you noticed how much I use words like lasers and plasma and whatnot? It’s like we’re talking about some kind of rocket science instead of facelifts and lip fillers. But anyway, PlasmaLift is a very interesting procedure. What it does, is it basically utilizes your body’s very own powers to benefit itself even further. In your blood you have these things called “platelets”. These are responsible for healing wounds and sewing your skin together if it is cut. So, it’s safe to say that they have an amazing regenerative ability.

Doctors decided to use their regenerative abilities to see if they can work their wonders on other parts of the body as well. And believe it or not, they can. So, once they extract the platelets from your own blood, (which also means that there is no fear of allergic reactions, since, hey, it’s your own blood), they will then inject that formula into your skin and the platelet rich plasma will help the skin of your face to regenerate any damaged areas and recover its natural beauty, in a very natural and efficient manner. Basically, your body is doing exactly what it was meant to do: regenerate.


Ok, so I don’t want you to forget the previous injection-based procedure, because when you combine it with microneedling, well, you’ve pretty much have a perfect duo.

Do you have a tattoo? Many of you probably do. Have you noticed how the skin over the tattoo is so soft and fresh. That’s because it regenerated anew and is a fresher coat of skin than probably the rest of your body. When you get a cut, or when you skin gets damaged, it repairs itself, and by doing so, it creates a fresh layer of skin. Micro-needling involves many tiny needles pricking your face, and activating your skins self-repair mechanism, which then regenerates the skin, leaving it smooth. So, long story short, you use controlled damage to your skin to force it to have to repair itself, thereby naturally creating a fresh coat of skin without using any creams and whatnot. Now, if you combine that with the amazing regenerative power of Plasmalifts, well, you’re pretty much unstoppable.


People like to say “the smallest things can make the biggest differences,” right? Well, that can be interpreted both ways, meaning positive and negative. Sure, your beauty does not exist as a whole but comes from several smaller details which work in conjunction to make you look unique. But that can also be said about the small things that may bother you. So, have you ever been bothered with your chin? Or maybe your neck? Or maybe both? Have you noticed how there’s a little pesky fat under your chin that hangs down like one of those ceiling drapes some weird tea shop, or something? Yeah, well you’ve probably noticed it more than once. And has it bothered you? What? Is that a “yes” I hear? Well, you’re in luck, because there’s a procedure which exists specifically to take care of that particular part of your face. It has a cool name: “Kybella”.

In your body, you have a chemical, which helps you burn fat, so that it doesn’t stay trapped eternally in your body. It is a type of acid called “Deoxycholic acid” and yes, it is very hard to remember, and yes, it is easier just to say “Kybella”. Anyway, scientists noticed that this acid is very effective at burning away fat, so why shouldn’t they also use it for other parts of the body as well. And how about that pesky area under your chin that hangs like shower curtains after a 3-hour long bath. Could it possibly burn that away too? Well, the short answer to that question is “Yes”, and the long answer is “Man, does it burn that fat away.” Now keep in mind, the chemical that they use for this procedure is not the actual chemical found in your stomach (How would they extract it?). No, this is a synthetic version of that chemical, but it functions pretty much the same way. So, if you’ve been annoyed by that nasty fat stuck between your chin and neck, do try out Kybella.

Pick Your Favorite

So, if you are brave enough to try any of these injection-based procedures, do make sure to book with Miracle Face Med Spa, as they offer some unprecedented deals for all three of these procedures, and if you’re a first time customer, then you’re the luckiest person on the planet, since you can get an even better deal. So, muster up some courage and go book an appointment as soon as you can. There’s still 9 months until next summer.

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