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Cold Weather? No Problem

cold weather and skin care

In case you’re one of the luckiest people in the world and haven’t gone outside, as maybe you work from home, then you’ve probably noticed that it’s getting colder. Much colder. Last year was pretty warm, so now, Mother Nature has to make up for it by making this year a freezing one.

I may be over exaggerating a bit and it might not be THAT cold, but it is slowly becoming more and more unpleasant to stay outside. This means that it’s going to get much harder to do things, like going to the gym, going outside after showering, without catching a cold and being sick throughout the coming holiday season.

Same goes for certain facial care treatments. Normally, very little maintenance is required for many of them, however, depending on what kind of procedure you’re receiving, and also the sensitivity of your skin, you may want to avoid certain procedures when the weather gets colder. Certain kinds of sensitive skin may not bear the cold as well as others, and if you receive a complicated treatment, with certain kinds of maintenance required afterwards, you may want to avoid the cold weather, or postpone the procedure after the cold seasons are over.

However, there are certainly many procedures that you shouldn’t worry too much about, as they’re quick, easy and best of all, they don’t require as much maintenance and care after the procedures is done. So if you’ve been looking to go through some beauty treatments, without the added discomfort of constant maintenance, avoiding the cold and other nuisances, try to see if any of these are to your liking and may help you in some ways.

skin treatments in cold weather

Kybella is More Than Just a Fancy Name

This is absolutely true. When you hear Kybella, you think of some weird, foreign medicine, for some weird disease or something. But it is absolutely not that. In fact, it helps to treat something that many of us deal with. Double chin.

Yeah, while some people may enjoy having more than one chin (don’t know why, and I don’t even think there actually are people who enjoy double chins), I can safely assume that you probably don’t.

Well, you’re in luck, because it is one of the few procedures specifically designed to get rid of the double chin non-surgically, which essentially means the doctor doesn’t have to cut you open.

Treatment involves special injections, which are placed under your chin, which slowly kills the fat cells and slowly smooths out the double chin, leaving a single chin. Or you know, just a chin.

One of its best qualities, besides being non-surgical and completely safe, is that it requires almost zero maintenance after the treatment. That’s right; no special creams or masks or rubs required after it’s finished. However, several treatments need to be made in order for it to take full effect, normally 2-4 treatments, and on very rare occasions, 6. And that’s it. The double chin is gone.

And after these treatments, you’ll have a smooth chin, and best of all, fat will never accumulate in that area again. So going through it once is pretty much a lifelong investment.


I talk about microneedling quite often, but that’s because it’s one of the simplest facial treatments you can go through. The concept is very simple, the procedure is very efficient, and the results start showing in a very short period of time.

The basic gist of the procedure is this: a bunch of teeny, tiny needles pierce your skin, creating microscopic holes on your face. The holes are extremely tiny, so you don’t have to worry about having a gaping gash in your face.

The holes are then naturally regenerated by the skin and that’s it. That’s all of it. Your skin just regenerates and you now have a fresh layer of skin, grown naturally, through your body’s natural process.

But if your still not convinced by the size of the needles and you’re still afraid of the needle pokes, then don’t even worry about that. The doctor applies special cream on your face, which numbs the skin and makes you feel absolutely nothing. Essentially, you feel less pain than when you get a tattoo, which as you probably know, is almost painless.

Micro-needling requires little to no maintenance, and the side effects are tiny, such as a little redness and a little dryness. While it is recommended that you avoid cold air for 3-4 days following the procedure, that’s a relatively short amount of time compared to other forms of treatment.

The Perfect Procedure for the Perfect Weather

Have you ever heard of fat-freeze? Maybe, but yes. It is exactly what you think it is. The procedure involves special kinds of vacuums, which are placed on certain parts of your body. While they are there, they freeze that area of skin, killing the fat cells under them.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “How cold does it get?” Well, I can promise you it won’t get colder than 0 Kelvin, but it is only slightly uncomfortable. While the procedure does last for around an hour, you can spend that time watching TV or chatting up your friends and stay distracted while the vacuums do their thing.

After the procedure, you may feel a little redness after all that freezing and a little uncomfortable. But once you see the results, you’ll be sure that it was totally worth it.

And best of all, the procedure matches the weather. It’s cold outside and it’s cold inside and on your skin. So there’s no worry of cold air outside having bad effects on your skin, since that’s exactly what the procedure itself is.

Record show outstanding results for fat-freezing, as patients lose a significant amount of fat on the parts of the body, where fat cells normally accumulate. You’ll look in the mirror and see the major difference in how your body looks, with all that pesky fat disappearing off your body.

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