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Avoiding a Halloween Skin Care Scare

Avoiding Halloween Skin Care Scare

It’s almost that spooky time of the year again. You’ve already decided on the perfect costume that you and your friends are going to go out with, exactly what you’ll be wearing and how you’re going to look. Scouring the internet, you see these crazy make up jobs done by some really talented artists, who can literally make you look headless with nothing but a little paint and shadow.

This looks really amazing and all, but have you ever considered what happens to your skin with all that makeup? You’d be right if you said nothing particularly healthy. Now, you don’t have to worry about your skin too much, if you put on a lot of scary makeup for that one office party. But the way we generally celebrate Halloween isn’t with just one social occasion. No, we go out to a ton of places all over the city, some people may even travel half the continent just to get to that one specific event that they’ve been waiting for all year.

So, you can imagine that you’ll be putting on a lot of makeup and of course, as good as it looks, it’s not going to do your skin any favors. Which is why it’s super important to follow all the rules of skin care in order to make sure that your skin stays just as strong as healthy after the holiday, as it did before.

Now, we talked about other ways you could do this in the fall in general under lockdown in the spring, as well as in general. But now is a slightly different case, as Halloween isn’t simply about looking after yourself when at home, nor is it about being mindful of the weather. Considering the nature of the holiday and how everyone likes to put on pounds of makeup, there are certain things you need to take into account before going out all spooky.

Remember the Pores

Our skins have a lot of holes in them. This isn’t a Halloween scare, but rather a general fact that many people know and you should too. Our skins are these complex weaves of cells, which all connect together to form this layer of shielding over our bodies. It functions in a certain manner and requires nourishment to stay strong and resilient.

The skin has these tiny pores, which need to be consistently clean and open. They are the method, by which your skin can intake the oxygen and moisture it needs for nourishment and to stay strong. The entirety of your skin is covered in these pores and they are there to keep your body safe.

However, with enough makeup as well as general dirt particles that land on your skin, they can very easily get clogged up. Makeup is quite possibly the biggest reason why so many people get clogged pores, since many of us have a habit of putting on makeup everyday, without properly cleaning it off and leaving our skin the way it is.

When these pores get clogged up with regardless of what it might be, the skin doesn’t get the air or moisture it needs to stay strong. While it won’t immediately suffer as a result of clogged pores, skin can get weaker over time without the proper maintenance. And this isn’t something you can simply wash off. Pores are much deeper and require more specialized cleansing treatments to take care of.

Cleansing All the Scary Gunk

This is where special skin cleansing treatments come into play. They are a great way to refresh your skin and clean out any gunk that might be hiding in the pores. This is highly recommended after Halloween. With all that makeup still stuck to your skin, you need a way to clean it out as efficiently as possible.

There are many skin cleansing techniques, which utilize different methods. You can find specialized masks at most pharmacies, as well as online, which you can use as a part of your regular skin care routine. These can clean out the deepest pores, taking all that gunk out without damaging the skin.

You can also go for more in-depth cleansing sessions at your local spa if you want a more professional way out. Spas will use a variety of different cleansing techniques to clean out the pores, taking out all that gunk left behind from your Halloween costume.

One way or another, you have many options in terms of skin cleansing. You can even get these done in between your costume sessions, to make sure that your pores are clogged for as little amount of time as possible. You’ll never go wrong with skin cleansing, as it’s one of the most effective ways to ensure that your skin stays strong, regardless what Halloween horror you put it through.

Don’t Put It Off to Another Day

Keeping the skin clean and strong isn’t at all hard, especially since it’s a normal part of our daily routines. However, if you don’t exactly have a proper weekly schedule in order, what with working from home during lockdown or going out with friends and waking up late, you may find yourself putting off your skin care routine a lot more than you should.

Make it an obligation for yourself, that regardless of how busy you are during or after the holiday, to cleanse your skin off as thoroughly as possible, and then proceed with the rest of your plans. It takes barely any amount of time out of your day, but even if it did, it’s still definitely worth doing.

Having fun with your friends on Halloween is great and all, but it shouldn’t cost you your health and wellness. Make sure that you’re hitting all the check marks as far as skin care is concerned, so that you won’t have to face any future complications.

Happy Halloween to you from the team at MiracleFace MedSpa.

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