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The Ultimate Fat Freeze FAQ – benefits, side effects and every other thing you need to know

Fat Freeze FAQ

Just how much have you spent on your quest to the perfect body?
Time? Probably inestimable.
Money? Perhaps a couple of $100 a month for your gym…
Body? Still not what it should look like.

We get it. Weight and fat loss is hard. From jogging several miles to shed pounds to cutting out some of your favourites from your menu, it can get pretty frustrating when you don’t look like what you should. If you have been considering alternative methods of getting in shape, Cryolipolysis may just be what is right for you. Time to freeze those fat cells away! Enter SubZero Cryolipolysis.

What is Fat freezing?

Fat freezing is an FDA-certified and approved treatment that uses a controlled cooling technology to destroy fat cells. The procedure does not call for any anaesthesia or incisions and remains one of the best cosmetic procedures with no recovery time. Fat freezing is particularly useful for anyone that has tried a plethora of methods with the aim of ridding their body of stubborn fats cells across the body, belly fat and post-pregnancy muffin tops.

While Liposuction is considered as the best technique available for fat-reduction, the lack of a recovery time when dealing with the Fat freeze technique is a significant advantage, with the latter allowing patients to get back to their lives in a matter of minutes while achieving great results that are noticeable and long-lasting.

How does Fat freezing work?

Fat freezing essentially involves the freezing of fat using temperature as an all-important factor. The technique aims to freeze fat away by using a cryolipolysis machine that targets the subcutaneous fat in the areas of concern. Since fat freezes at a temperature higher than the tissues surrounding it, this target-specific, non-invasive procedure mildly but efficiently freezes fat cells to the point of cell death. This process is usually achieved around some 39F.

The goal of killing the cells is to ensure that the body is stimulated to process the fat and remove the dead cells through its regular bodily metabolic processes. This stage is gradual and as such, it may take some time to see the full results. Irrespective, you can expect to have a sculptured body over time. The best part yet remains that once these treated cells are processed and gone, there’s no coming back.

Fat freezing can be done in single or duo areas. The single packages are ideal for those looking to target their lower bellies or chins while duo is better for love handles, torso, thighs and arms.

Does Cryolipolysis destroy my tissues?

No, Cryolipolysis does not destroy your body tissues. Instead, the technique subjects the body to intense amount of cold energy without any risk of damage to the skin at all. The cold energy goes straight to the fat cells and has nothing whatsoever to do with the body tissues. Admitted, you may feel a little cold during the process, but that’s why it’s called fat freezing.

Does the procedure hurt?

While all the talks of fat being frozen using a super-techy device may seem a little scary, you will be pleased to find out that the Cryolipolysis procedure does not hurt at all. Fat freezing is a non-invasive procedure and as such, requires no cutting open or incisions. That’s no lasers, needles and knives.
Although you may feel some intense cold and pressure when the cooling process commences, these sensations will disappear in a matter of minutes.
The process is so painless that some clients even come in to watch videos, take naps or read content while having their cryolipolysis done.

What are the side effects if any?

When the procedure is ongoing, patients may feel symptoms that range from numbness to tugging, pulling or pressure. Post Cryolipolysis, minor side effects like swelling, bruising, firmness, stinging or redness may arise. This variation is due to the differences in skin type and individual reactions to the procedure. Unlike liposuction that requires incisions and a physical removal of the fat cells this technique poses no issue of scarring as nothing is being opened up. All you need to worry about may be one or some of the above mentioned minor side effects for some hours. Otherwise, there is no downtime or recovery period whatsoever.

What are the benefits of Fat freezing?

One of the biggest selling points and comparative advantage of the Fat freeze procedure lies in its non-invasiveness and the absence of a recovery period. Here are a couple of other benefits:

  • The procedure uses no needles or injections
  • No need for anaesthetics
  • No surgical incisions
  • No metabolic changes or damage to overlying skin
  • No downtime or recovery period
  • Unisex
  • Affordable and quick

Who can have a Fat freezing procedure?

Cryolipolysis is available for everyone to use for their fat loss goals. However, certain conditions affecting the patient may leave them ineligible for fat freezing techniques. Generally, people with the undermentioned symptoms should avoid fat freeze:

  • Dermatitis over the concerned area
  • Patients in a bad physical, emotional or mental state
  • People with vasovagal disorders may need to consult with doctors
  • People who face severe varicose veins and skin conditions over the target area
  • People with Cryglobulinemia, Paroxymal cold hemoglubinuria, cold urticarial or any other cold-induced conditions

How soon will I see the results?

Patients can expect to see results in a couple of weeks or months. Fat freezing as a process requires the body to naturally rid the body of the dead fat cells via metabolism. Fat Freezing can take a little time to show substantive results but you should start seeing changes in as little as 21 days and expect a full-blown transformation by 2 months.

Even some 4 to 6 months post-treatment, your body will continually flush out fat cells. While these cells cannot return, it is imperative to note that you are not fat-proof after the procedure as poor feeding and living choices can see you pick up pounds.


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