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Skin Care and More

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Lots of people get extremely depressed when one morning they wake up and face an all wrinkled reflection of their once young selves. This causes a lot of pain and trouble, making men and women all over the globe very sad.

In fact a big percent of people have reported getting mildly to severely depressed because of ageing signs. But having said all of this, one might be thinking about what constitutes ageing.

There is some debate as to what is the most prominent sign of ageing, but most people agree that it’s wrinkles alongside other annoying facial lines that make many of us feel extraordinarily uncomfortable. And that makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? So many simply opt not to speak about their age and also don’t want other to know how old they are. However, facial lines are very good at revealing the person’s real age.

This has prompted many people to think about some of the ways of avoiding this very annoying aspect of our everyday lives. On the one hand, dermatologists from all across the world have come up with a wide variety of suggestions as to how one should go about their skin care to ensure wrinkles don’t appear for a long time. On the other hand, scientists have been working tirelessly to invent a plethora of beauty treatments. These use a wide array of substances that are usually injected into problematic areas to conceal wrinkles and other facial lines.

To give you a few tips on how to deal with the one of the most terrifying phenomena of our lives, we’ll look into skin care and then finish off with some of the more popular scientific inventions that help battle wrinkles. So let’s get started!

Skin Needs Care

Caring for one’s skin meticulously is an extremely important thing to do if you want to prevent the formation of those annoying facial lines. In other words, this is more of a preventative measure and it does take lots of time an effort unlike, say, some invasive measures. However, many people prefer this over injections or plastic surgery because caring for one’s skin is a more natural thing to do.

Before delving into do’s and don’t’s of skin care, we need to first off establish what the most common types of skin are. In general, dermatologists differentiate between normal skin (neither dry nor too oily), oily skin (produces lots of old and has pores all over) and dry skin (lacks oiliness and moisture).

It’s widely agreed among the scientific community that normal skin should be cared for with the help of a variety of methods. But the fact is: it’s extremely easy to take care of normal skin. The only thing that’s important to avoid is products that contain alcohol and ethanol. With oily skin, people make a huge mistake of trying to dry it up a big deal with the help of substances that are rich in alcohol. Drying one’s skin leads to an even greater oil accumulation. Therefore, dermatologists suggest products that keep oily skin lightly moisturized. Finally, dry skin needs a lot of attention to avoid further drying. Those with dry skin must be even more vigilant to avoid any kind of products that contain alcohol or ethanol.

Science and Its Miracles

Of course, it’s great to be able to prevent early formations of wrinkles, but at times it’s a bit too late and we see wrinkles before we could prevent them from appearing. No need to worry, however. Why? Well, because scientists have come up with a number of very effective and oftentimes minimally invasive procedures. One such example is the very popular Botox.

The reason 11 million American used this non-invasive beauty treatment is because it’s very safe and effective. The injections works in the following way: the substance is injected into the area covered in wrinkles. It is then forced to stay in that area, without any risk of spreading through one’s body. The way it works is it freezes the muscles responsible for the formation of wrinkles. The muscles are prevented from being contracted and therefore wrinkles do not appear at all.

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