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From Selfie to Self Portrait with Kybella

From Selfie to Self Portrait with Kybella

In this day and age, who doesn’t take selfies? Ok, I can think of a very small number of people, but generally, people enjoy that feeling of taking a photo of their own face with something neat in the background, like the Eifel tower, your friends or family, and even your dog as it marks its territory on a tree (I don’t know, the sky’s the limit, get creative). But no matter what the background of the selfie is, the main focus will always be your face, and there’s probably nothing more cringeworthy, than when your face looks incredibly awkward.

And if you’re not good at taking selfies, which can either be a curse or a blessing (blessing for me, thankfully I never take them), then even the smallest of things can greatly stand out. For example, if you happen to have a little excess fat underneath your chin, it will make you look like you look bloated, like you were bitten by a giant wasp or something. We’re sure you don’t want that, which is why there’s a special facial treatment which specifically deals with that annoying fat under your chin. Oh, modern technology and medicine, why are you so great?

Selfie with kybella


You Have My Attention

So, judging by the title of this paragraph, I have your attention (also considering that you’ve continued this far). A survey in 2015 showed that 67% of its participants had excess fat under their chins, regardless of their body side, which they find to be very bothersome and annoying. Which is why there is a special treatment, with the sole purpose of eliminating this pesky fat underneath your chin, and it’s called the Kybella injection. The Kybella injection has been used with great success, as it efficiently eliminates that extra fat under your chin.

The Treatment

“That sounds amazing, but how does it work?” Just like all good things in life, it’s an injectable treatment, meaning they use a syringe to inject something into the treatment area. “You know, I would feel a lot more confident if I knew what it was that will be injected into my face.” Oh, well you’ll be happy to hear that the injection contains the synthetic version of something your very own body produces. The chemical is called deoxycholic acid. The chemical is generated by your very own body to deteriorate all the fat that you eat. You know all that meat that you eat at your neighbor’s barbeque? Yeah, well, you can thank your body’s deoxycholic acids that destroy all those ribs and briskets you eat. In fact, Kybella is just a sexier (also easier to remember) nickname for deoxycholic acid, which is where the treatment gets its name from.

But since it would be pretty hard to extract the natural deoxycholic acids from your body, scientists concocted another method, and that is to make a synthetic version of the acid. The acid is then injected into the area under your chin where the fat is, and it starts to destroy the fat, leaving a straight area underneath your chin.

The treatment also takes very little time, around 25 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about long procedures or anything. It takes less time than waiting for that pizza you ordered.

The Side effects

“Right, so you’re saying I will be injected with something that is going to fry things in my face. I’m guessing there are probably side effects to this.” Well, there are some risks to the Kybella treatment, just like with pretty much everything else. There are a few general side effects, like swelling, bruising, minor pain, and numbness, but these side effects don’t tend to last for longer than two weeks. There are some serious side effects, but they’re considerably rarer, and in the case that they do happen, make sure to contact your healthcare specialist. But again, these are generally rare.

Before the Treatment

“Is there anything I should do before going through the procedure, like eating certain foods, or not watching any Adam Sandler movies?” While I strongly recommend the second one, there is no need to eat or drink anything before the procedure. If we’re talking about directly before the procedure, just remember to wash your face to avoid any infections. However, make sure to ask your healthcare provider for advice before going through the procedure, to look through your medical history, especially if you have had other treatments on your face and or chin.

The Expectations

As with most others, the Kybella treatment requires several sessions for it to be effective. Over half of the people who have received it have gone through at least six sessions. Additionally, a month is required between each session, as to not overwhelm your body. However, many cases have shown visible results after only four sessions. This comes from the fact that everyone’s facial structure is different, thus it is natural to expect differing recovery times. Just be patient and know that not only has the Kybella treatment shown great results, but it also lasts for a very long time, so you don’t have to worry about making constant appointments.

Our Offer to You

“Synthetic deoxycholic acids, injections, 20-minute procedures, that all sounds great, but how much does it cost?” Considering the synthetic chemical production costs, the special knowledge that is required of the specialists, and the careful accuracy that goes into the procedure, a single Kybella session could be very expensive. But here at Miracle Face Med Spa, we offer an amazing deal to any new customer; 3 whole sessions of Kybella injections for $899. This is a price you will probably not find in any other place. And considering the professional and top-notch work that our specialists do, there is no question that this is an unbeatable deal. Go ahead, find a better deal; I’ll wait.


So, if you are an avid selfiest (that’s not a real word) and you want to look extra good, without that annoying fat under your chin, try out the Kybella injection and see the results for yourself. Then get out there and take a selfie with literally anything that’s not moving.

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