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Quick Skincare Before the Big Day

Quick Skincare Before Wedding

So it’s the big day, huh? You’re getting ready for a wedding, the parties, the gatherings, huh? Regardless of how it goes, and we know that many things can go wrong, it’s still a day you’ll surely remember for the rest of your life. This day will be your cherished memory, the day that you took that big step forward into life. And not unlike to other milestone days such as this, you have to look your best.
As someone who is not a big fan of weddings (look wedding food is just not as good as the food in other occasions, don’t judge me), it is still undeniable that you have to do your best to make sure you look perfect. Sorry, not perfect, but as close to perfect as you can get. Now, obviously the suit or wedding dress you wear is important, as well as the hair and or the beard, but that’s none of my business. I want to focus on your face.
Yeah, you could say that a wedding day is such an incredible day that regardless of what you look like, you’re probably going to end up happy in the end, but if you do actually care about how you look (which many people do), then your face is a crucial factor in your overall appearance. Look, long story short, you probably don’t want to look like you’re hungover at your own wedding, as tempting and funny as you might think it is.

The Smaller Things

Look, we’re all grown people (according to our birth certificate at least), and we all know how to take care of our skin (theoretically at least) but believe it or not there are big must do and big no no-s that you shouldn’t do.

All right, so I’m assuming you DON’T want to look like you just came 2-week bender at your own wedding, so I’ll give you the simple stuff first.

Since you have a big day coming up, don’t do anything crazy. Don’t go for tanning booths or some weird Romanian skin creams. Keep it very simple but effective. You don’t want to put too much effort into taking care of your skin to the point where it may not have enough time to recover by the time the big day comes. Just make sure to keep it constantly hydrated, which, as a side note, is always important, try not to burn it and just take care of it like you do on a regular day to day basis. Keep in mind, this is just everyday advice that you should follow on a normal day, not just before something big.

Skincare before wedding

The Bigger (but Smaller) Treatments

But yeah, if you want your skin to be more than just clean, which I’m sure many of you do, you’re going to have to go for something more complicated. “But you just said there’s no time for anything too extreme, how am I going to take care of my skin through other means AND recover by the wedding?” Yeah, ok, I get don’t yell at me. This is why I’m here.

Yes, in some ways you’re correct. Smooth skin takes a little time to get, regardless of what treatment you use. Whether it be platelet-rich plasma, or laser facials, it’s going to take months for them to have any effect. And I may not be a wedding specialist (thank God I’m not) but I’m pretty sure you don’t plan weddings 9 months in advance, so that you can start your vampire facial early. I don’t know, call it a hunch.

But there are several very effective treatments, which do not take much of your time.


  1. The simplest one I can recommend is microneedling. It’s quick, effective, painless, with almost no side-effects, and it gets the job done with no extra hassle or post-treatment care. You just get the treatment and go on your merry old way (did you catch that pun? Yeah, me neither). A quick synopsis of what micro-needling actually is: tiny needles punch a bunch of holes in your face, your skin regenerates and it’s fresher and softer. There we go. And best of all, the recovery time you can count on your fingers (if you have enough fingers).
  2. So you don’t like those nasty hairs right? Who does? Not me. Well, there’s a very efficient way to remove hair from unwanted places, including your face. You’ve probably heard of laser hair removal, but as efficient as laser removal may be, it takes a little too much time to recover from it, plus way too many procedures are required for it to show any effect. But electrolysis is a great alternative to laser hair removal. So, as its name would suggest, it uses electricity to remove hair and burn them to a crisp. It’s quick effective, though lasers are better for the long term. But on the plus side, unlike lasers, you can actually use it on your face if you’re too lazy to shave that hipster beard of yours (no, don’t use it to shave your beard).
  3. Lasers! “Didn’t you say lasers take too much time like just now?” Lasers! Ok, but seriously, laser facials are also pretty quick. No, not laser hair removal, but laser facials. Basically, they use special kinds of lasers that make up the two-stage treatment. The first stage cleans your skin of all its gunk and whatnot. The second stage freshens it up and makes it a little more vibrant. Now, for the treatment to show greater signs of vibrancy improvement, you may need to go several times, but since you don’t have much time, just go for the cleansing. Every little bit helps.

Ready Up

Hey, so these are just a few suggestions. Now, everyone’s skin is a little different, so keep in mind, the recovery time may vary. But these are known to be some of the quickest out there. So, if you don’t have enough time before the big day, try some of these out if you want to be ready for the wedding. So, quit your whining and being all lazy and start preparing.

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