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New Year, New You

new year, new look

Hey, so you’ve made it one more year in this life without doing something stupid and not making it. Congratulations. You’ve spent an entire 365 days, or 56 weeks, or 12 months living your life to the fullest that you possibly can, trying to make ends meet, while at the same time, surviving in a big city, with constant pollution, dirt and smog.

Look, I know it’s probably not as dangerous as prehistoric times, where you’d get mauled by a bear, but believe it or not, there is a lot of risk involved in living in a big city, like New York. Even if you live the healthiest lifestyle, only buy organic food, and eat Chipotle only twice a week, you can be sure that there are still several things which have a bad effect on your health, regardless of how well you look after your diet.

In fact, even going to the gym or running in the mornings won’t keep you fully healthy and keep your body fresh. There is another very important factor which goes into well-being and health. Beauty.

But Why?

Look, I know what you’re thinking: “But I’m already beautiful as it is.” I’m in no way arguing that, and neither are any beauty specialists or doctors. Beauty isn’t simply about looking beautiful. The concept is a little deeper than that.

The beauty industry has garnered a very bad reputation in pop culture. Most people see the beauty industry as this pompous way for our favorite stars and celebrities to show how much more attractive they are. Well, to be fair, that’s only a part of it. Yes, you’ll often times see a famous actor or actress on the advert of some beauty product or something. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the beauty industry is meant only for these kinds of people.

Like any other type of healthy lifestyle or fitness mindset, beauty is meant for pretty much anyone that is interested in it. It’s the combination of both medical research and advancement, as well as the aesthetic pleasure of being able to change yourself to something which you consider to be superior, and most importantly, closer to what you want from life.

With modern technology, we have more opportunities to organize and shape our lives into the thing that we want it to be, so why not also shape the outer layer of our lives, the one that takes all the physical damage and brutality of everyday life?

This is one of the most important reasons: protection. The skin is the biggest organ on our bodies, as it has several functions, which not only serve their own duty in keeping our bodies up and running, but they also pretty much keep all the nasty stuff we have in our bodies, well, in our bodies. Otherwise they would all fall out and it would be really scary, though kind of interesting.

So, beauty also encompasses skin care. It’s very important to look after your skin, as it provides your body with most of the protection against the outside world.

Now fortunately for you, since we’re living in a time where water is abundant and soap, well, exists, you’re already taking care of your skin quite well. Simply washing it is already great maintenance, as it gets rid of all the nasty germs and gunk that built up on it over time.

Keep in mind however, there are several layers to your skin; it’s not as thin as you might think it is. It’s always important to have a little deeper cleaning to get rid of the gunk which may be hiding in deeper pores. For this, regular body cleansing as well as different creams and masks should do the trick. They will not only clean your skin deeper, they will also remove any dead particles, thus freshening it up. So not only is you skin clean, but it looks that way too.

That’s the more physical portion of beauty care. And once again, keep in mind, just like brushing your teeth, or washing your hair, this should actually be important to everyone who wants to stay healthy, regardless of age, gender, profession, etc.

What’s the Other Portion, Then?

Well, there is also an effect beauty care has on your psyche as well, believe it or not. And it’s not really a direct effect, but rather, a bit of motivation.

You know how when you go to the gym, you do two exercises in a span of 7 minutes and then you look in the mirror and say: “Damn, I look good, now.” Well, beauty is sort of the same. It’s not just about feeling good, but it’s about being motivated to continue on that path, to continue looking after yourself.

It’s also about how you show yourself to other, how you demonstrate that you care about yourself enough, that you’re willing to show it. That can be very important, especially in major social environments.

And most importantly, it’s all about your own self-esteem and confidence. When you ignore all the other aspects, all the other benefits, at its core, the beauty industry is all about making you feel confident in your own skin, which in this day and age, where precedents of how both men and women should look are pushed down our throats, it’s important to enjoy being who you are.

And that’s what you should think about when starting your new year. Sure, going to the gym, eating healthier, exercising more often are all great resolutions, but before you can do any of that, before you can wake up in the morning to go for a jog, before you can force yourself to eat organic food that you don’t like, you need to understand who you’re doing all of that for.

This year, find the confidence in yourself to not give up on yourself and do everything you can to reach the epitome of what you can be. Look after yourself this year, everything else starts from there.

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