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Enjoying reading up on new trends, developments and the upcoming fads in the world of glamour and prestige? You may be a regular follower of Guest of a Guest, a magazine all about the newest fashion, design, and style.

And you may have also caught a glimpse of an article that featured a little interview about fat freezing, a popular body contouring treatment. We wanted to take the opportunity to share with you the marvel of the treatment and all the ways it’s helped many patients who were in search of a more positive body image.

Why Dr. Schwarzburg’s Work is So Popular

While in the interview with Guest of a Guest, Dr. Schwarzburg spoke about only one of the many cosmetic treatments which are performed at MiracleFace MedSpa. But there are several reasons as to why his work and his clinic are so popular with New Yorkers looking to change up their appearance.


Modern cosmetic treatments and medical practices put safety over everything else. Sure, there is always going to be a tiny risk involved with any treatment you go through, cosmetic or otherwise, but the purpose of advancing medical technology is to make sure this risk is as small as possible.

MiracleFace MedSpa has a reputation for upholding all the safety regulations to ensure the wellbeing of all their clients. This not only comes from Dr. Schwarzburg’s years of experience, but also the clinic’s use of the best equipment and tools in the industry.


A reliable cosmetic center has to be accessible in several ways. First of all, it has to be in an area that can be easily reached by as many people as possible. This spreads the clinics’ reach, allowing it to be accessible to more potential clients who wish to change their appearance.

Not only does accessibility refer to location, but the pricing too. While you will by no means call cosmetic treatments cheap, they are still far more affordable than popular culture will have you believe. After seeing no one but famous celebrities and rich public figures getting treated, you’d be hard pressed to think that individuals from an average income household can afford it.

But this very much is the case. Many modern cosmetic clinics and centers, including MiracleFace MedSpa, are pioneers in their industry, as they make treatments more accessible to a wider range of clients who come from different economic backgrounds. There’s been no better time to get treated than now.


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