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Fear is Just a Word

Girl With Glasses

The title should tell you in and of itself what this is going to be about. We’re afraid of many things. Heights, water, spiders, dogs, dentists, elevators, airplanes, dentists, public speaking, and dentists. But there are just as many people who are scared of face augmentations and other skin care procedures. I’m here to tell you that there really is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, the only thing you should fear is the missing of a great opportunity to improve your health and self-image.

Now, I’m not here to cure a phobia you might have; I mean if I could do that, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here, would I? No, the whole point of this article, is that once you’ve finished reading it, you’ll (hopefully) feel a little more confident to pursue that facial procedure you’ve always thought about doing, or maybe start taking better care of yourself.

So, here are some reasons you absolutely shouldn’t be worried about any facial augmentations or other forms of skin care, if this is something you’ve been thinking about for a certain period of time.

Advanced Technology

Look, the beauty industry has existed for a very long time. We’ve come a long way from Ancient Egyptians breaking a perfumed egg on someone’s head to make them NOT smell like disease and death.

Every day, on a constant basis, there are more and more new discoveries made on how to improve the effects, as well as maximize the comfort of any facial procedure and treatment. Considering how advanced modern technology is, to the point where you can have a very complex procedure for a fraction of the price you did before, as well as little to no side-effects, you should be confident that you won’t have any trouble with the procedure you’ve been keeping in mind.

The technology is constantly evolving, with new additions and improvements made on a regular basis, which serves to not only increase the safety of the procedures, but also ensure you go through it with the greatest of comforts.

So, if you’ve ever been worried about all the different devices and machines that are involved in skin care and beauty. Just be assured that they have been developed enough to never malfunction, and in the hands of an experienced and well-taught specialist, can work wonders with pretty much no side-effects.

But if this isn’t enough for your confidence, then consider the fact that these tools, as well as all the materials, medicine and chemicals used in these procedures have been approved by the FDA, which means they’ve passed countless check ups and test to verify their safety. So, you can rest easy, that the equipment and all the other material required for facial augmentations, as well as other skin care treatments, is completely safe and reliable. So you can rest easy, knowing that you’re being treated with the best tools and equipment in the industry, that is, if you go to the right clinic.


Speaking of specialists, you may also be afraid of putting you face on the line, and trusting some random man with it. This is understandably scary, I mean we don’t even trust each other without Facebook and Netflix accounts; we’re going to give them our face?

Well, this is another fear you can put right behind you along with all the other ones, because considering the years and in fact, generations of expertise, constant education, these specialists are trained and have been qualified and certified to handle any of your beauty and care needs. These are highly trained professionals, who have been taught to apply their knowledge and abilities to the best possible performance, as well to ensure that you receive the service that you’ve asked for and nothing less.

Now, keep in mind, while you probably cannot do a full background check on your surgeon, you can find out a little about their background. Their education, experience, as well as their general abilities are always very important to look into before going into any sort of treatment or procedure. However, you can take a very tiny leap of faith and simply suck it up and go into it blind. And this is also completely safe. Keep in mind, becoming a surgeon takes a lot of hard work. It’s an arduous process, and if a surgeon is in any way lacking in skill or knowledge, they will never be allowed to operate on anyone.

Which means that if they’re working in a good clinic, it already entails that they’ve had some amount of experience, as well as are equipped with the proper knowledge and tools. So again, nothing to worry about.

But…The Effects

Yes the side effects, the biggest point of nervousness when it comes to facial procedures. People more often than not believe that their face will get all swollen and puffy after a single injection.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Even if you disregard the previous 2 reasons why should understand the safety of facial augmentation, there’s still a very big factor that plays into the safe of these procedures: modern medicine.

Modern medicine is incredible. It is very safe, effective at whatever it is supposed to do, and it has been designed and shaped to be as absolutely safe as possible.

With most facial and beauty procedures, side effects are very rare, and even if they do happen to show up, they’re very small and insignificant and can be treated with the simplest of medicines and even non-medical solutions.

Most of the time, side effects take forms of mild skin irritations, such as redness and bruising, but never anything more than this. And best of all, even if you don’t treat these side effects, they go away in a matter of a few days and never return. So, once again, as before. Absolutely nothing to worry about.

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