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Cold Resistant Skin

Cold Resistant Skin

So summer is over, we’re slowly going back to wearing jackets, pants, and for probably many people out there, clothing entirely. And while the days of the orange Sun, blue sky, skin melting, eye burning, irradiating heat are pretty much over, that in no way means that you shouldn’t look after yourself. You should be doing that every day. Like seriously. But since the season is changing, so must your habits. You probably aren’t going to need much protection from the Sun’s death rays which bombard us every summer. In any case, the most important thing to take into consideration now is you and only you, and this list of 5 things you should do to take care of yourself during the coming cold is pretty useful.

1. Stay Moist

So, here’s the thing. Summer can get pretty hot. I’m pretty sure we have a lot of experience with that. You start to burn, your skin gets all dry and flaky, you can’t walk outside for more than 10 minutes without fainting from heat-exhaustion. But here’s the fun fact of the day: as dry as summers get, cold seasons are actually drier.

Yeah it’s a bit hard to believe that, but summers are still somewhat more humid than falls. Yes, it does rain and sometimes snow in the fall; yes, you do lose a lot of your body’s water through all that sweat. However, when the cold seasons come, that when the air gets a lot drier. And when the air is dry, so is your first contact with it; your skin. So, remember, even if it’s snowing or raining, or even if there’s a hurricane, do try to keep your skin moisturized so that it doesn’t get all flaky and crack. Remember, the cold can be dangerous for many reasons, and dryness is one of those dangers.

Keep your skin moisturized with creams, or best of all, just drink a lot of water. In fact, just drink liquids. Make sure that you do not lose more moisture than you gain.

2. Cover It Up

Now, there are other means of mitigating dry skin in cold weather. Sure, drinking water or using moisturizers is a very good solution, but there are, just as, if not more effective ways of keeping your body from turning into rocks. Keep it covered.

Yeah, covering as much skin as possible during the cold seasons is not really that novel of an idea, but it is actually more important than you might think. Covering yourself doesn’t simply shield you from the cold; it also keeps your skin from drying up. It makes sense, that the less skin you have exposed to the dry, cold weather, the less moisture it’s going to lose. As a result, you keep your skin moist, your body warm, and everyone wins. No, actually you’re the only one that wins.

3. Eating Healthy (duh)

As with literally pretty much everything that has to do with our lives, any path we take, any direction we go, it always comes back to this. This is the answer that you always find at the end of all your questions; this is the be-all-end-all answer. Eating healthy. Yeah, you’ve probably heard people tell you to eat healthy more times than you’ve actually eaten healthy, but regardless of how annoying your gym trainer gets, with his carbs, and proteins, and carbohydrates and whatever, eating healthy is still very important.

Yeah, it’s hard to eat healthy nowadays, what with all the junk food being thrown in our faces and all the irresistible special offers from fast food chains, but you should still make sure to eat healthy, to keep your body working properly. And this isn’t just important for you skin care, it’s important in general. Getting the right vitamins and nutrients during the fall is important regardless of what you do it for. It just so happens that your skin depends on this. Which is why you should probably do it.

4. Exercise (duh)

Oh hey look, another thing you should be doing normally, everyone tells you to do it normally, and you probably normally don’t do it. Yes, but jokes aside, exercising is very important, as it keeps your body healthy. It warms you up, it opens up the pores in your skin, allowing it cleans itself of all the gunk you have accumulated, and it refreshes it. Again, this is important at any other time of the year, but considering how cold weather limits so much of what you can do, it becomes much more important for keeping your body and skin healthy and fresh.

5. Don’t Touch the Thermostat

When the weather is cold, the hardest thing you can do it to not turn on the thermostat and turn your house into an immobile oven. Yes, I know, you feel comfortable when it’s warm and toasty. If you crank up the heat inside and then go out of your home, your skin will take damage, as it has to shift from hot air to cold air in such a short span of time. Instead, just wear warmer clothes and sleep with more blankets. It’s a more natural way to keep yourself warm, it saves money, and most importantly, if you do happen to need to go outside (for some reason), you won’t damage your skin, but you’ll still stay warm. Not only that, but imagine all the money you save by not keeping your house at 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep These in Mind

Now, I’m not saying that you should do the things mentioned here fanatically, but these are just a few examples of things you can do to keep your skin healthy during the harsh cold of the fall. These are not very hard to do, however, they sometimes are easy to forget. But forgetting to do these things could have some bad consequences on your skin and body. So just keep this in mind before winter starts. Or don’t, and just stay at home the whole day and binge-watch without having to worry about your skin or something.

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