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A Closer Look at Lip Fillers: What Suits you Best?

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Last time out, we had a look at the basics of lip fillers, what they are and why you need one. Now you have decided that it is time to get fuller lips. However, you may be in a bit of a dilemma, not really knowing which is the way to go in deciding the type of lip filling to get. Worry not, though, we got you! Today, we delve a little bit deeper into lip augmentation. When you are done reading this, you will know for sure what you need to get for your lips.

Temporary vs Permanent lip fillers

First off, it is a choice between whether to get a permanent or a temporary lip augmentation. Temporary lip fillers are those that last for a while, 6-9 months, after which the effects wear off, requiring for a new treatment. For those who don’t want a regular trip to the doctor, the permanent way is the way to go. Extra care has to be taken for a permanent job, however, so as to get the job done just right.

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Pros and Cons of Permanent lip fillers

Why would you get a permanent lip augmentation? You will not have to visit your doctor every 6 months or so to get your full pout back, you will always have it. The results last up to 10 years! This also means that it will be cheaper in the long run.
Why shouldn’t you get a permanent one? The results are not reversible with a permanent one. Also, as we grow older, the natural lip shape changes and therefore may require a different pattern of lip fillers with time.

Pros and Cons of Temporary lip fillers

Here is why you should get a temporary augmentation. First things first, they are new every time, so when your natural lip shape and size changes, it can be worked into your next session. More so, you can change the type of injection from time to time.
Temporary lip fillers are not without a fault either. The main constraint comes with the repeated trips to the doctor. This means that you have to go deeper into your pocket than getting a permanent one.

Types of Lip Injections

One hurdle down, one more to go; next up being the type of lip injection. Several types of lip fillers exist and are in use. What are they? What are they made of? Which is the best? Why choose one over the other?

Fat Injection/Lipoinjection

This procedure involves harvesting a small amount of fat from different parts of the body by liposuction and transferred to the lips. Abdominal, hip and thigh fat is normally used since it is abundant. Lipoinjection can last up to 2 years or more in some cases and it is therefore used for permanent lip augmentation.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Hyaluronic acid is contained in dermal fillers. The commonly used hyaluronic acid filler is Restylane. The notable feature about this type of lip fillers is their disintegration with time. 6-9 months after being administered to the lips, they break down and disappear, necessitating fresh application. It is for this reason that they are primarily used for temporary lip fillers.

Lips Collagen Injections

These are the look-warms of lip fillers. The results last longer than most temporary lip fillers, but not as long as their permanent counterparts. The results can last up to four years. It also improves the skin smoothness; therefore if you want kissable lips, maybe this should be the way you go.

Silicone injections

It is one of the oldest in the trade, with over 30 years in the market. The results are usually long lasting and they are therefore used for permanent lip augmentation. A common technique for administration of silicone is the micro-droplet technique where a small dose is administered over a period of a month. The downside with silicone is that it needs to be administered very carefully otherwise it may lead to abnormal bumps. You need, therefore, to get certified professionals for the job. Again, worry not, we got you! Our team of professional doctors are your case.

For more information you can check out this video from Nickie Tutorials, answering fans’ questions about her personal lip injections:

So, will it be a permanent augmentation for you or will it be a temporary job? What injection type will you go for? Bottom line, you will still have the all so glorious full pout that you desire. Get in touch with us today and help us to help you make a choice.

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