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A Face to Stare At

a face to stare at

Yeah, so last week we talked about the effect that facial treatments and augmentations can have on your psyche and boost your self-confidence. We found that it can have positive effects on how you see yourself, how others see you and ultimately, you become a more confident. In a social environment, this can be very important. So, let’s imagine a social gathering and how facial treatments and other care methods could help you.

The One Who Matters Most

Is you. Surprise, surprise? Yeah, if there’s anyone who is as important, if not more important than your family, friends and other loved ones, it’s probably you. Yes, you. You have to take care of yourself.

Now, taking care of yourself bears two meanings. Obviously, if you don’t have a nanny and you’re still alive, you probably know how to take care of yourself. You know how to survive. It’s a simple instinct, and yet without it we would be dead.

The other meaning to taking care of yourself is to make sure that other people understand that you’re taking care of yourself. It’s important to understand that you’re doing it for yourself first and foremost, yes, but, living a social life means you have to look at other people’s faces, and other people have to look at yours. And as annoying as that may sound to some of you, it is the undeniable truth.

Everyone Wants Attention

Even the most isolated and introverted individuals enjoy being noticed in some way. There is no doubt that there is something extraordinarily satisfying about being talked to, and even more importantly, be talked about. We all want that. Whether it’s for some form of satisfaction or for practical reasons, such as networking, you need the attention.

And what’s more captivating than looking perfect, calm and collected? I would say really nothing. Yes, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but again, it is the undeniable truth. A first impression leaves an effect on the person with whom you are conversing. If you leave a bad impression, regardless of how much you may share that person views, opinions, and interests, they may still have a slightly bad taste in their mouth, even during a completely pleasant conversation.

If your face looks vibrant and lively, it’s bound to receive more attention from other people. Keep in mind, facial care doesn’t have to involve some sort of complicated procedure, with needles and weird tools and vacuums. It can be as simple as the right facial creams, keeping the skin fresh and moist. However, certain kinds of facial care can boost the vibrancy of the face, allowing you to look even fresher.

There are some very simple procedures, that can freshen up your face, without extra complications, maintenance or downtime.

everyone wants attention

Talking to People

Have you ever talked to someone, and then when you go to the mirror, you see that you had a little piece of food stuck between your teeth? It’s a bit frustrating to think about the fact that the person you were talking to had probably noticed it and was distracted by it all throughout the conversation.

However, where the piece of food can be easily taken care of with a quick floss or just a toothpick, skin conditions, such as acne scars, clearly visible wrinkles and other kinds of skin damage is not as easy to get rid of.

Unfortunately, they are just as easy to notice as a piece of broccoli stuck between your teeth. So now imagine, you’re talking to someone, and you notice their eyes keep jumping around your face. How would you feel knowing that the person you’re speaking with is distracted by something on your face? You’re probably not going to feel very comfortable.

We all do understand, that at the end of the day, it’s not the looks that matter, but rather what you talk about. If you are good at conversing, you’re probably going to have a good conversation regardless of how you look. However, no amount of confidence in your conversation skills can save you the discomfort of knowing that there is something distracting on your face, and not only that, but if the person you’re speaking to is constantly distracted by the damaged skin, they may not even pay attention to what you’re saying.

A Simple Procedure

For example, and I always use this procedure as it is one of the simplest, easiest to go through, with very short recovery time and shows very good results; microneedling.

If you don’t know what micro-needling is, it’s very simple. When you get a tattoo, do you ever notice how the skin under the tattoo is so smooth and soft. That is because with every poke of the needle from the tattoo artist, the skin rebuilds itself a fresh new layer of skin. And micro-needling is that very simple concept.

Many tiny needles poke the skin, creating microscopic holes (hence the name “micro-needling”). However, unlike tattoos, which are only poked in the areas where there is going to be ink, micro-needling pokes thousands of tiny holes all over the skin allowing it to naturally regenerate. Simply put, it jumpstarts your skins regenerative process through natural means and the skin grows back with a fresh layer at the top.

Now, there are many other procedures used for skin care, but micro-needling is one of the simplest, fastest and most efficient of them all.

Look Good, Speak Well, Feel Victorious

While I can’t really help you with your oral abilities, I hope that as far as looks go, you’ve learned something about looking good for yourself and others. At the end of the day, what we say is very important, as that’s how we show people our personalities and what’s important to us in life.

But how you present yourself is just as important. First impressions, looking confident, being comfortable during conversations are very important factors in any social environment as they help you feel at ease.

So remember, look your best, so you can feel your best. And not as much for other people, as for yourself.

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