Area: submental area (double chin).

Procedure: 20-30min, the area is marked and Kybella is injected into the center of the each grid. There is mild discomfort immediately after the injection. Moderate amount of pain is expected after the procedure, and is relieved with Tylenol or Aleeve. Moderate degree of bruising, hardness, swelling and redness may develop at the injection sites and may persist for up to one week.

Frequency: every 3-4 weeks for an average of 4-6 treatments.

Results:  Injected area may feel hard and warm for a few days immediately after the procedure, with the effect becoming visible after approximately third treatment, which will continue into the next few weeks, and will progress after additional injections are administered.

Double chin removal

Everyone stores fat differently, some of us tend to store some fat around our faces, specifically under the chin. This fat, known as the double chin, is also called submental fat and is very common. While there are a number of procedures to eliminate excess fat around the chin and neck, such as chin liposuction, submentoplasty, and neck lifts, many of them are invasive, meaning that they come with extra risks and possible side effects. There are, however, some minimally and non-invasive procedures that are taking over the market, that will eliminate the fat under your chin and get you the perfect jawline, including Kybella injections, a non-invasive jaw contouring solution in NYC. Kybella fat removal injections have become increasingly popular in cosmetic medicine due to their minimally invasive approach to chin fat removal.

When it comes to any medical procedure, even minimally invasive jaw contouring solution, it is important to get it done by an experienced medical professional, like Dr. Schwarzburg, one of the best Kybella doctors in NYC.

Jawline, Double Chin

Get Rid of the Dreaded Double Chin

As common as the double chin is in the United States, for the most part many people have serious insecurities about their submental fat, which is often considered unhealthy, unattractive and unappealing. A survey by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), demonstrates that a minimum of 47% of American’s between the ages 18 and 65 are unhappy about their submental fullness and 49% feel that a double chin negatively affects their general appearance personally and professionally.

This fat accumulation underneath the chin, as well as excess or saggy skin around the jawline can be prevalent for a number of reasons, including aging, genetics, and diet. Fortunately Dr. Schwarzburg offers some of the best double chin removal techniques that are not only minimally and non invasive, but will get you your results safely and effectively.

Double chin removal before and after

What is Kybella?

Kybella is an FDA-approved substance made by the pharmaceutical company Allergan Cosmetics, which also distributes Botox and Juvederm dermal fillers. Kybella is meant to be injected in areas such as under the chin to help improve your jawline. When Kybella is injected, it breaks down the fat cells in the treatment area and permanently eliminates it. Before it was approved and used on patients, Kybella was tested several times on numerous patients to confirm its safety and efficacy. If you are looking for a way to contour the jawline and eliminate submental fullness without having to go under the knife with a double chin removal surgery, Kybella injections may be your answer. If you are interested in getting a Kybella treatment, schedule your appointment with Dr. Schwarzburg, MD at Skinly Aesthetics, who is known as the best Kybella doctor in NYC, for the best results.

Double chin reduction result

How does Kybella Breakdown Double Chin?

The way that Kybella works to break down fat in the chin is through its main ingredient, deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is naturally found in the body’s digestive system, specifically in human bile, and its main function is to help digest fat by breaking down the fat cell membranes during the digestion process.

Deoxycholic acid used for a Kybella treatment is injected into subcutaneous fat (the superficial layer of fat below your skin) and destroys fat cells the same way it would during digestion. Over the course of 1 to 3 months, the body metabolizes these dead fat cells and excretes it through the kidneys. Kybella fat removal injections are great for the breakdown of fat cells under the chin, however it is important to note that it may take several sessions to achieve desired results over the course of weeks to months until all the fat cells under your chin are eliminated. Even though it may take some time to see your results, this incredibly minimally invasive procedure will help you avoid any kind of double chin liposuction or surgery.

Kybella Fat Removal - a Permanent Solution to Excess Fat

There are several methods and so-called “hacks” to lose weight fast and eliminate stubborn fat. Unfortunately many of these methods such as crash diets and rigorous exercise are either unsustainable or not permanent. Deoxycholic acid in Kybella permanently breaks down the fat cells, meaning that they will not return unless you gain more weight.

Kybella Injection Areas Other Than Double Chin

Kybella is most commonly known as a treatment to eliminate the submental fat underneath the chin, but the deoxycholic acid based treatment isn’t only limited to the double chin. Kybella can be administered anywhere on the body that has excess fat including and not limited to the thighs, knees, and arms. As one of the best Kybella doctors in NYC, Dr. Schwarzburg uses this fat eliminating treatment on many of his patients and whichever areas they would like to eliminate fat to deliver the most natural and successful results.

  • Kybella for A Perfect Jawline & Neck: Kybella injections are best known for its fat dissolving properties and most commonly used around the jawline and neck. As these two areas go hand in hand with the chin, many patients get Jawline, chin, and neck Kybella for the perfect permanent chiseled jawline.
  • Kybella for Arm Pits & Bra Bulges: Some of the most frustrating and hard to get rid of areas of fat accumulation on the body are fat bulges in your armpits and around the bra straps. Kybella injections for arm pit fat and bra bulges is a very popular and successful treatment that permanently eliminates hard to get rid of fat. If you want to get rid of underarm fat, Kybella could be the best option for you, especially if it is only a little bulge. You can look up Kybella Armpit before & after photos to see what kind of incredible results are possible with the treatment.
  • Kybella for Knees & Thighs: Kybella is often administered in the thighs and knees where there can be small bulges of excess fat. Sometimes even with excessive and vigorous exercise and a balanced diet, fat is stored in our legs, taking away from the shape that lies underneath. Expert Doctors in NYC at Skinly Aesthetics can help you with your spot reduction therapy to get you the results you are looking for.
Kybella treatment areas

How Many Vials of Kybella Do You Need?

The number of vials for Kybella is completely variable, depending on the person and the treatment area and its size. On average you need 1 – 4 vials of Kybella per session, leaving 3 – 4 weeks between each session. Getting your Kybella treatments from New York’s best Kybella doctors at Skinly Aesthetics will ensure optimal and desirable results.

Kybella Side Effects

Being that Kybella is a minimally-invasive fat reduction technique, it does not come with a ton of risks and side effects. However, it is still a medical procedure which means that there are some side effects similar to the ones you may experience after any injectable procedure. These possible side effects include,

  • Pain and discomfort around the injection site
  • Localized numbness on and around the injection site
  • Itchiness and redness on the injection site

Again, these side effects are typically minimal and subsite over the course of a few days to a week post procedure.

There was a study that found Kybella to have caused loss of hair, specifically in men with beards, but because this has not been commonly reported, it is not listed as a possible side effect.

The most important thing to look out for is that you are getting your treatment done by a certified Kybella doctor, who knows exactly where and how to inject the drug. Incorrect administration of Kybella can cause nerve damage and stiffening of the facial muscles, resulting in slurred speech, difficulty eating, and an uneven smile. While this kind of damage is not permanent, these are still side effects that you definitely want to avoid.

If you want to avoid such uncomfortable side effects, we highly recommend booking your appointment with us at Skinly Aesthetics in New York, where your treatment will be administered by highly trained Kybella doctors with the expertise in cosmetic injectable techniques to ensure desirable and long lasting results with little to no side effects

Dos & Don’ts Post Kybella Injections

Kybella injections are FDA-approved and are a non-invasive to minimally invasive treatment for submental fat, nevertheless, you need to take precautions after any procedure to make sure everything heals the way that it should and you get the results that you are looking for.


  • It can be beneficial to take an antihistamine before getting your Kybella injections.
  • After your procedure, there may be a lot of swelling. To alleviate the swelling, try to keep your head elevated by sleeping on two pillows (especially on the first night).
  • After the procedure, use an ice pack to reduce the numbness and bruising that may surround the injection site.


  • It is best to avoid the consumption of fish oils, blood thinners, and vitamins starting one week before and in between your Kybella sessions.
  • After your treatment do not rub, massage, or touch the treatment area to avoid the spread of the Kybella to other areas causing damage.
  • Limit and avoid intense exercising as well as exposure to the sun for 3-5 days after your treatment.
  • Don’t combine Kybella with other injectable treatments in the same area until your body heals from the treatment.

How much is Kybella in NYC?

On average, each vial of Kybella costs $600. This depends on the clinic, the amount of fat, the treatment area, the anatomy, and the expertise of the doctor, amongst other contributing factors. The number of vials varies based on these factors as well, but for the average person, 1 – 4 vials of Kybella per session is optimal making the Kybella cost in NYC approximately $1800 to $3500. The Cost of Kybella in NYC also varies depending on the area of injection. You may need more treatments if you are legging the treatments in your thighs instead of your chin for example.

Kybella in Comparison to Other Fat Reduction Techniques

There are a ton of fat reduction procedures offered by dermatologists across New York to create their perfect jawline or shape. Along with fat removal techniques such as liposuction and surgical fat removal, many also combine them with other procedures such as Botox and Juvederm dermal fillers to achieve their desired look.

Because Kybella fat removal injections are a non-invasive fat reduction procedure, many opt for Kybella before going for a surgical procedure to get the same results with less side effects. Another non surgical and non invasive fat removal procedure is CoolSculpting, and is often compared to CoolSculpting versus Aqualyx and Kybella as these are all primary non surgical procedures for fat elimination.

CoolSculpting uses cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells in the desired area while Kybella uses deoxycholic acid to inject into the target area, breaking down fat which is then metabolized by the body.

Both CoolSculpting and Kybella are great minimally invasive options to eliminate stubborn fat on the body. Kybella is typically known to be more suitable for double chin removal, because it is great for smaller pouches of fat. For a more specific target area to remove fat on the body, CoolSculpting, the Cool mini Applicator in particular, may be a much better option, followed by Kybella injections for any excess submental fat.

If you are interested in learning more about double chin reduction and our Kybella fat removal procedure, you can book an appointment at MiracleFace MedSpa and get your personalized one on one consultation with Dr. Schwarzburg.

Can you combine Kybella with other treatments?

The first step is always dissolving the fat if your goal is to create a chiseled jawline. The procedures following Kybella can vary depending on the results you are looking to achieve. For a lift you can get Fraxel Dual, Secret RF microneedling, Ultherapy, a Botox neck lift, or even a non surgical PDO thread lift. Because there may be some excess adipose tissue, the skin may need these tightening treatments or Secret RF microneedling, which uses radiofrequency energy to tighten the skin. One of the most popular procedures performed by Dr. Schwarzburg is the PDO thread lift which allows for instant lifting results through the insertion of barbed threads under the skin, that are then pulled up to lift saggy skin that may remain after Kybella. There is an additional tightening and lifting procedure called Nefertiti neck lift, with consists of Botox injections in the neck to target the plastysma muscle. Some people opt for Ultherapy as a lifting treatment, which is also a non-invasive treatment that uses ultrasound energy to tighten and contract the skin by causing microtrauma to the SMAS level. Finally, you can get Fraxel Dual treatments, which is a laser procedure that causes controlled damage to the skin, resulting in extra collagen and elastin production which ultimately tightens and rejuvenates the skin. This would be the final treatment as it targets the most superficial layers of the skin.