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Laser Fungus Removal

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May 16, 2017

Laser Fungus Removal

Procedural cost: New client special $199 per treatment (compare to $399).

Area: Toe and finger nails affected by fungus.

Procedure: 10-20min. High-energy laser rays penetrate the nail affected by the disease, causing direct elimination of the fungus via focal thermal injury. The surrounding tissues are not affected.

Frequency: 1-2 procedures.

Results: After the diseased fungus is extinguished, new nail matrix grows out, resulting in fungus-free healthy nails. This happens over the course of 2 months with a greater than 99% success rate.

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Do you have toe fungus?

Do you have toe fungus?

Toe fungus is a common disease many people suffer from. Although it can be embarrassing and something you try to cover up, there is an effective solution. You do not have to hide your feet when you come to MiracleFace. Often times, fungus comes from a nail injury. When you have an infection, your other nails are very susceptible to being infected as well. Because fungus can so easily spread, it’s critical that you get the problem taken care of right away.

Your options:

While over the counter medication and treatments options may help reduce symptoms and the severity of your fungus, many of them will never get rid of the disease altogether. Alternatively oral medications required a prolonged time commitment and may have unwanted side effects. By using a high-powered light, we can stop the fungus from taking over more of your nail bed and spreading. Using laser treatment, we can pinpoint the root of the fungus and diminish the disease at the source. Once we have control of the growth, your nail will begin to grow again, pushing the infected and diseased part away. Because fungus is so contagious and invasive, it is important you come in for regular treatments until it is completely gone and a healthy nail remains. Toe fungus may not be as obvious to spot as you think. If your nail is hardened, thick, or discolored, there is a good chance you have fungus. The longer you wait for an effective treatment, the larger chances you have for a more serious infection. Let us help you today; book your appointment for laser fungus removal right away.

Laser toenail fungus removal