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Laser Acne Treatment

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May 16, 2017

Laser Acne Treatment

Procedural cost: New client special $349 per treatment (compare to $499).

Area: Any acne prone area of the skin including face, neck, back, buttocks.

Procedure: 30min. Laser beam effectively treats all stages of acne from mild to severe without side effects of traditional medications.

Frequency: Every 3 weeks for a minimum of 3 sessions.

Results: Thermally-induced pore coagulation and killing of the bacteria effectively controls acne outbreaks.


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Acne is common for both youths and adults. When your glands are obstructed by p. acne bacteria, it can cause blemishes on your skin and even result in minor scarring. Many teens deal with acne as they begin puberty, but for others, acne is a long-lasting problem they have to deal with for the rest of their lives. As frustrating as it is, there is an effective solution to reduce the amount of acne you get as well as the scarring left behind.

We can treat you.

At MiracleFace, we implement a new age laser, the LightPod Neo, to aid in the destruction acne can leave behind. With this treatment option, we can help to improve your skin condition, destroying the p. acne bacteria and restoring the natural collagen in your skin, reducing scars. Our powerful technology uses a gentle light to heat the glands on your skin’s surface. The entire process from start to finish is quick and many patients do not feel anything at all.

After the treatment is completed, your skin will have less inflammation and red spots, looking smoother and even.

Although the outcome of the procedure will be noticeable after just one treatment, we highly suggest that you go through four to six rounds of the best possible outcome.

To see if laser acne treatments are right for you, contact MiracleFace and ask to schedule your consultation. The sooner treatment can begin, the more confident you will feel in your skins natural and beautiful appearance.

Laser Acne Treatment nyc