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May 16, 2017


LightPod Neo

As the safest and most gentle laser available, the LightPod Neo is able to deliver energy to the skin 30 to 50 times faster than any other laser on the market. With its unique Micropulse – 1064 technology, the LightPod Neo can be used on patients with all different skin types for a pain-free treatment. No cooling gels, no anesthetics, just a beam of light that touches the skin’s surface. This safe and effective laser is also FDA approved.

We use the LightPod Neo for the following purposes:


LightPod neo
laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal

Area: Almost any area covered with hair.
Procedure: 10-50min depending on the area being treated. Laser beam is directed at the skin, 2-3 days after shaving. Minimal to mild tingling is expected. No gel is required and very rarely an anesthetic can be applied to sensitive areas.
Frequency: Once every 4 weeks for an average of 4 treatments.
Results: Damaged follicles gradually extrude hair after each treatment until greater than 96% of the hair is gone.

laser facelift nyc

Laser Facelift

Area: Face, neck, décolleté.
Procedure: 30min. Laser beam covers the skin of the face and neck in multiple passes.
Frequency: Minimum of 3 sessions spaced out every 3 weeks.
Results: Focal coagulation (thermal injury) of the dermis results in migration of fibroblasts to the site of injury and deposition of collagen fibers leading to overall skin tightening and restoration of elasticity.

Laser Acne Treatment nyc

Laser Acne Treatment

Area: Any acne prone area of the skin including face, neck, back, buttocks.
Procedure: 30min. Laser beam effectively treats all stages of acne from mild to severe without side effects of traditional medications.
Frequency: Every 3 weeks for a minimum of 3 sessions.
Results: Thermally-induced pore coagulation and killing of the bacteria effectively controls acne outbreaks.

Spider Vein Treatment

Spider Vein Treatment

Area: Small, web-like, superficial veins most commonly found on the legs.
Procedure: 20-30min. High intensity laser beam is directed along the course of each vein, with the thermal injury casing vein collapse and obliteration. There is mild to moderate discomfort, which is readily alleviated by icing the treated area.
Frequency: 1-2 procedures for complete elimination of unwanted veins.
Results: The skin immediately overlying the treatment area gets erythematous and mildly swollen, and over the course of the week scabs away leaving behind new spider vein-free skin.

Laser toenail fungus removal

Laser Fungus Removal

Area: Toe and finger nails affected by fungus.
Procedure: 10-20min. High-energy laser rays penetrate the nail affected by the disease, causing direct elimination of the fungus via focal thermal injury. The surrounding tissues are not affected.
Frequency: 1-2 procedures.
Results: After the diseased fungus is extinguished, new nail matrix grows out, resulting in fungus-free healthy nails. This happens over the course of 2 months with a greater than 99% success rate.