Fat Freeze NYC

The candidates who benefit the most from fat freezing are those with “pinchable” areas of belly fat, within 15-20 pounds of ideal body weight, and maintaining healthy lifestyle.
Approximately 3-4 sessions each lasting approximately 30 minutes are needed to achieve best results. The vacuum technology is used to draw in the fat, and then specially designed pads cool the skin and the fat below.

Procedural cost: New client special from $399 for 1 session (belly or love handles on both sides)
Area: Belly, love handles, arms, thighs
Frequency: Once every 3 months.
Results: Smoothly removes resistant fat bulges for a slimmer silhouette
Procedure: 30min, an applicator is applied to the skin, the area is drawn inside the applicator and the fat is exposed to below freezing temperatures. Mild soreness and bruising may be expected and may last up to 1 week



Get into your best shape and we will help you achieve your goals with this new revolutionary treatment! If you are frustrated with the stubborn fat bulges around your belly, love handles and upper back we now have an effective way to get rid of them! Fat freezing also known as cryolypolysis is a new, non-invasive procedure that utilizes subzero temperatures to freeze and then melt the fat away. It is the most effective, non-surgical procedure for fat reduction without downtime available on the market today!
About a quarter (25%) of the fat cells in the treated area gradually and permanently disappear over the period of next 4-6 weeks leaving you with a slimmer silhouette and a new you! There is no downtime or limitations after the procedure and the results are evident within 1-2 months after the procedure to give you a slimmer and confident look you always dreamt about!
Minimal discomfort during the treatment and mild tingling, numbness and/or bruising are expected to last up to 10 days after the procedure, and are the most frequently reported side-effects.
You will be watching your favorite show or movie during approximately 60 minutes procedure and will face no lifestyle restrictions after the procedure is finished!

Our introductory special is only $899 for 3 areas (belly and love handles on both sides).
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May 16, 2017