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The World is Mad About Botox – And This is Why!

botox injections

The World is Mad About Botox – And This is Why!

Botox injections have become a very common culture among celebrities and public in developed nations. What is it about? Why do people want it? Is it good for you? Do you need it? Let us answer some of these questions.


Historical Overview of Botox

What is botox made of? Botox, as it is famous now, is a toxin isolated from the bacteria, Clostridium botulin. The German Physician, Justinus Kerner first introduced the idea of using the botulinum toxin for beneficial purposes.

In the year 1987, in Vancouver, a dermatologist, Dr. Alastair Carruthers and his wife, Jean, an ophthalmologist, first started using botox for its wrinkle-reversing ability. However, the toxin was first isolated from the bacteria Clostridium botulinum by Dr. Edward J Schantz in 1946.

What about botox functioning? Well, when a dilute concentration of botulinum toxin enters a wrinkled area, it causes temporary paralysis of the muscles where it is present. It causes this paralysis by destroying the nerve-muscle relationship. The wrinkles cannot form because the muscles causing the wrinkles are not moving. Therefore, after muscle immobilization, the skin causing the wrinkles, thickens and so the wrinkles smooth out. Nevertheless, you to re-inject the area needs after a few months when the self-repair mechanisms of the body kick in.

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Botox: Rise to Fame

Jean was treating a patient who suffered from blepharospasm. This is an involuntary blinking and spasms of the eye and the surrounding area. One day, the patient asked Jean if she had been injecting the botulinum toxin into her forehead. Jean dumbfounded by this question and asked why the question arose. The patient answered that after every treatment, the wrinkles on her forehead disappeared.

This way, botox treatment officially became popular in 1993, shortly after Jean Carruther started injecting herself along with her staff. This reassured people over time. Initially, the idea seemed impossible and ridiculed by other doctors in the medical field. However, the audience intrigued by the procedure and results increased over the years.

The fast climb to success really started for botox after the U.S. FDA (United States Food and Drug Authority) approved the cosmetic procedure, to remove wrinkles near the eyes, mouth, and forehead, in 2002. However, before Botox had cosmetic and aesthetic purposes, its main use was to cure two eye disorders. These were blepharospasm, which causes repetitive involuntary spasms of the eye, and strabismus, which is a misalignment of the eyes. In addition to the eye disorders, it treated patients with cervical dystonia, which is a neurological disorder, which causes severely painful contractions in the neck and shoulders.


The Spread of Self-Confidence by Botox

Since the beginning of time, aging has always been a major concern for women. Botox treatment temporarily removes fine lines and wrinkles indicating aging. If that provides confidence to some women out there, it is worth it. Anything that can boost your self-esteem is definitely worth doing. Therefore, if some people find happiness in injecting their faces with a toxin; it is up to them. Scientifically, botox may cause depression and sadness, or an inability to express emotions. This has been rare, and in fact, has helped women increase their self-confidence by feeling youthful.

Most people are happy with the outcome of botox injections, the disappearance of wrinkles and such, or in some cases, after treatment for diseases such as an overactive bladder, hemifacial spasms, migraines, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, dystonia, bruxism, anal fissures, and writer’s cramp. Botox has an extremely beneficial impact on the lives of people suffering from these diseases, which is significant.


Use of Botox by Celebrities

Some celebrities such as Courtney Cox, Nicole Kidman, Iggy Azalea, Linda Evangelista, Robin Wright, Brooke Shields, and even Kim Kardashian have admitted to using botox, but in mild quantities, or getting it done once. Not only are women concerned about the effects of aging but also some men such as Bradley Cooper, John Stamos, Tom Cruise, Simon Cowell, Steven Tyler, Bruce Willis, and Jared Leto.

Kelly Ripa, the actor in the famous television show ‘Hope and Faith,’ admitted to getting botox injections when people started asking her if she was in a foul mood even when she was not. Getting rid of the frown lines helped for a while, but the procedure left her unable to smile for months, which was a major downside.

Jenny McCarthy, the actor who played Lori in John Tucker Must Die, aged gracefully, with the use of botox. She advised using natural or temporary fillers instead of the semi-permanent or permanent ones, as the latter gives a plastic-like, artificial look. Moreover, permanent fillers don’t age along with the rest of the face. The temporary fillers fade over time and so the changes are adjustable to the placement of fillers according to the rest of the face.

Nicole Kidman, who has starred in modern-day classics such as Bewitched, The Golden Compass, and voiced Norma in the animated movie, Happy Feet, admitted to using botox to lift her philtrum. These are the lines extending downward from your nose to lips after they became deflated and flat. Due to this, her lips are still well defined and plump.

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