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Stress and Your skin

Escape skin stress - advices from MiracleFace MedSpa

Stress and Your skin

How stress can damage your skin.

Biological: During stress, your body releases hormones that increase inflammatory responses. That includes your skin. Stress can increase rashes, rosacea, hives, and even fever blisters.

Behavior: Stress may interfere with daily skin care. You may not follow your regular regime which could aggravate skin conditions. Changes in behavior due to stress may also affect sleep and diet which can directly affect the appearance of skin.

Psychological: Outbreaks of pimples, rashes and acne can cause you to be stressed. On that one day you want perfect skin for your date, a big pimple appears out of no where. You get anxious and this in leads to a stress response. This in turn causes more skin aggravation.

Coping skills: Learning to have good coping skills with stressful moments is important for a healthy heart and for healthy skin. Take a walk, learn breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, and methods to improve sleep.

Get regular exercise, take time to enjoy yourself, and practice stress management skills. Its all good for body, mind and skin.
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