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Skin Care Tips for Traveling

Skin care tips from MiracleFace MedSpa

Skin Care Tips for Traveling

Traveling is exciting, fun, and often times stressful. Stress can lead to dehydration of the skin and body, which can make you feel tired and less than your best.

No matter where you’re traveling, make sure you adjust your skin care and beauty routine to fit your destination and itinerary. Try these tips the next time you’re jet setting around the world or just for a weekend getaway.

Skin Care on the Go

No matter where you’re going, it’s best to prepare your skin for the travel and trip. Start by using the skin care products you’ll be using 3 days before you go on your trip. This will help acclimate your skin to the new routine. Also, try not to use products that can dry out your skin, like toners, as traveling can further dehydrate your skin, reducing your natural glow.

Apply an intense moisturizer the night before you leave to help keep your skin hydrated during your travels. You may also want to bring a moisturizer in your carry-on, as the face tends to dry out faster while traveling, especially if you’re flying.

Hydrate with H2O
Make sure to drink plenty of water while on the road. Not only will this help you from getting bloated, but will also help your skin stay moisturized. Try to stay away from caffeinated beverages as those tend to dehydrate the skin.

Wear Sunscreen & Reapply
No matter how you’re traveling, apply sunscreen to your face and neck. UVA & UVB rays can still harm your skin when you’re in a car, train or bus. Don’t forget to reapply as well, especially if your destination is warm and tropical – you want to be prepared to enjoy the sunshine when you get there!

Wash Your Face
It’s easy to get caught up in the trip and forgo your normal face washing routine, however your skin won’t be thanking you later. Wash your face every night to rid the skin of makeup, oil and other build up from the day.

Eat Fruits & Veggies
Maintaining a healthy diet is important while traveling and on vacation. Eating healthy fruits and veggies can help you from getting dehydrated, bloated, and looking puffy. Healthy snacks also helps keep your body hydrated and your skin moisturized.

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