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8 Surprising facts about Botulinum toxins we bet you didn’t know

8 Surprising facts about Botulinum toxins we bet you didn’t know

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Botox”? We don’t know for sure.

But we’ll put out money on the fact that right now, you’re either imagining pictures of beautiful women who have undertaken Botox treatments without any harm or horrid faces of botched jobs fuelled by misaligning lips, frozen facial expressions and a host of other misconceptions that you’ve read about Botox treatments.

Botox is a one of the most popular and perhaps, the most used cosmetic procedure in the world as at today. Contrary to widespread misconceptions, the Botox injections do not leave people emotionless, unable to smile and neither does it cause skin damage. Year in, year out, hundreds of thousands of men and women visit their dermatologist to refresh their Botox treatments and go under the needle once more for the plethora of benefits that range from wrinkle-free skin to smooth face devoid of smile lines, crow’s feet and nasolabial lines.

So widespread is the use of Botox, that the treatment now represents a $1 billion-industry, surprised? Even more surprising is the history behind this modern-day beauty charm. Here are 8 surprising facts about Botox that will leave you stunned. Enjoy!


Botox was discovered through food poisoning

We should probably tell you this isn’t what you what to read while eating a sausage, but to think that a batch of rotten blood sausages in the 1800s would lead to the discovery and advancement of the cosmetic miracle drug today is one of the most interesting facts about Botox treatments. Botox itself is actually an injection of a particularly safe strain of a neurotoxin from Clostridium botulinum and the brand name Botox is actually obtained from Botulinum toxin. Asides Botox, there are other strains and brands of the toxin that works just as effectively but the wide spread popularity and efficacy of Botox has overshadowed other solutions.

Justinus Kerner back in the 1820s discovered that a toxin present in the meat had poisoned and killed several Germans and dubbed the phenomenon as botulism from the Latin botulus, which translates to sausage.


WMD Botox

Another exciting Botox fact is arguably the fact that the toxin was almost employed as a weapon of mass destruction in the second World War. At the beginning of World War II, Uncle Sam had begun to research biological weapons and you could bet that yours truly, botulinum toxin was on the list. History claims that the strategy was to use Chinese prostitutes to slip some of this toxins into the food of high ranking Japanese officers. For all our sakes, we’re glad Botox found better use.

Botox injection, WWII toxin weapon


Botox can treat excessive sweating

If you happen to feel like you have a shower under your arms and can’t seem to stop sweating through your shirt, Botox offers a feasible solution to keep you dry.

The neurotoxin can be injected into your sweat glands beneath your skin to temporarily stop the chemical stimulation of the nerves to produce massive sweat. This treatment can last from 7 to 8 months, but you will do well to talk to your dermatologist before taking off with it.

Botox for Sweating Miracle Face Med and Spa NYC


It can help with chronic pain

Injecting Botox to specific muscles can block specific signals that can result in unnecessary muscle tightening. Muscle tightening is a cause of significant chronic pain and a study undergone in 2012 concluded that Botox injections were a feasible method of reducing pain levels significantly and can help to improve the overall quality of health of all those suffering from neck pain.


Even the migraines

In 2013, Botox actually got an FDA approval to be utilized for the treatment for migraine headaches. While there is no concrete understanding of how Botox achieves this relief, the most comprehensive explanation is that the Botox treatment limits pain signals from reaching your nerve endings.


It has history and is clinically approved

Botox, at least the Clostridium botulinum toxin, has been applied as far back as 26 years ago. The FDA, in the year 2000, approved Botox for use in treating shoulder and neck spasms following the suggestion that the toxin could be used to remove the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In 2002, the FDA officially approved Botox for clinical treatments. Only a year after its employment in cosmetic treatments, Botox generated over $440 million in the United states.

The widespread adoption by famous celebrities and public figures further enhanced the use by regular Americans across all age range.


It isn’t permanent

There is another widespread assumption that once you go Botox, you can never go back or you will never be the same again. Some believe that it is a one-time treatment and once they’ve done it, they won’t ever to be under the needle again. However, Botox treatments present a bittersweet tale depending on the conditions and preferences of the user.

The advantage of Botox not being permanent is that users that have visited unprofessional dermatologists for treatments can breathe easy that they can rid the effects in around 4 to 6 months. If you have been the subject of a professional Botox in NYC on the other hand, you will want the treatment to last forever. Whatever the case maybe, expect to see your dermatologist at least twice of thrice annually for your Botox treatments


It could go wrong

Even with over 90 percent of all Botox treatments achieving a success rate, unprofessional treatments can still leave you botched. It is highly imperative that you reach out to a professional Botox treatment in NYC to ensure that professional services and Botox administration.


There you have it. Our eight solid facts about Botox. Did we miss any one? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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